Are there worse things than being a Mormon?  One of the other discussions put this in my head and now I'm putting it out to all of you.

If your child of eighteen came to you and said they wanted your advice.  Your eighteen year old child has studied several religions and wants to spend their life in one of the religions.  They are giving you only one chance to have this influence and anything else you say will be ignored.

hey ask you to pick from only the following religions:


Jehovah's Witness



So, Mom and Dad, which religion will you tell your child to join. 

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Out of those 3, I would stick with recommending Mormonism, or "none of the above".  I personally recognize JWs and Scientology as having worse and more damaging aspects than Mormonism.  But that's just me.  Other's mileage may vary.
I haven't really looked into either of the other two religions.  However, I heard that are a bit more cult like.   Probably Mormonism just because it is likely they'd leave it soon enough.
I like your answer  MM.
I would only pick Mormonism because it is the one I understand.  On the other hand, they are 18, legally adult and smarter than an  eight year old. and more  likely to remain curious enough to ask questions even if they do join.
They are all horible, J W is too restrictive. May be Scietology, As I do not believe they have as big a guilt/ condemnatiion factor.
Which would you rather live under, Adolf Hitler, Mao Ze-Dong or Josef Stalin? Too limiting? Sorry, I'll throw in Pol Pot...
I would tell him to make his own decision.

I have to agree with MM and Dan.  They are all horrible, so I would say none.

I seem to remember the question being asked before in the form of which is worse, and I gave my opinion, but you're asking it like it was real life, and in real life, I would tell him that I could not choose the lesser of the evils for him, and recommend he chose no religion, especially not one of those three.

PS:  I think nothing that a person hears is totally ignored.


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