The new survey got me thinking. I said I would rejoin the church if they will:

  • Apologize for every deception and obfuscation that has brought the church to where it is today;
  • Start ^ with the ex-Mormons who have endured shunning, shaming and tragically fractured families in order to live a life of integrity.
  • End the rituals.
  • Have the 60,000 missionaries work for humanity and the planet that sustains all.
  • Beginning in Sunbeams and continuing through every auxiliary, teach critical thought and logic so that Mormons become the people known to recognize truth, discern right from wrong, and honorably defend what they believe.
  • Turn the temples and chapels into schools.
  • Hire credentialed history teachers to teach seminary.
  • Authentically embrace our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community and begin to respect and enjoy their many gifts.
  • Become pro-science and anti-ignorance.
  • Disclose church financial records.


I don't think I'll see the inside of a chapel soon.

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I guess you'll never rejoin, LOL.

Real history teachers would do so much good for kids in the seminary program. You've made a lot of good points! 

I thought my answer was good, but I'm embarrassed to publish it after reading yours.  What a wonderful answer Cora.

I'm guessing your answer was brilliant, Idaho!

Way to be!  This is actually similar to what I said in that survey!  It is a long shot, but I was just being honest right?  Love the talk of temples being turned into schools and the part about the missionaries doing humanitarian work instead, brilliant cause I was always proud that our young people were out doing "good", but yeah, keeping them doing some real good is such a great idea!! 

Fantastic post Cora!

One I have thought about many a time.

You just about covered everything I would have said but the biggie for me would be to renounce/denounce (they both apply) Joseph Smith.

The rest would just have to follow on from there...unless they start a new Cult.

Now do I hear someone whispering "when pigs fly"?  

When pigs fly was my first thought!



In addition to all you stated... how about the church apologize to all female members past and current for treating them as second class citizens whose only mission in life is to get married and have babies. Also have a diverse and equitable open leadership with policies that enhance diversity and tolerance.

Yep, I think you're safe Cora! 

One of the items on your list (re: missionaries) got me thinking about one of the things that sent me further down the "path of questioning and doubt" a few years back.

A nephew was serving a mission in Portugal and his weekly emails were forwarded by his mother to the rest of the family. I was shocked by his arrogant attitude that he was over there to save all the poor heathen Catholics and bring them to the "only true church." He frequently belittled the locals and had no patience with the people he was "teaching" if they didn't immediately change their ways and join the church.

Reading the emails directly was different than just hearing reports or getting the occasional letter from previous nephews who had served missions... the instantaneous, unedited ramblings of a sheltered and cocky American kid who believed he was better than others by virtue of his religion underscored to me how exclusive, not inclusive, the church really is.

Linda-a nephew is in Spain right now and wrote that the only people that listen are the looneys. 


Bar-Funny! I think they should also restore speaking in tongues, also for entertainment value!


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