I hear so many people say.. Less Government: More Capitalism:....

Less Government: 

Communism: is a Base form of Government, meaning it can exist with or without any other form of government.

More Capitalism:

Capitalism: is a higher form of government that cannot exist on its own, meaning it must have a base form of government.


The Communist Manifesto, The Manual on Citizenship Training, The collective works of Thomas Jefferson, and The Works of Plato; directly or loosely quoted herein, are public domain works... K.I.S.S = loosely quoted .. keep it simple stupid ....

Oh ya did I tell ya all I am a house wife and home school my kid... but I get this .. and in school .. I got it... whats wrong with our leaders.. and people...

Got to love the news and speech's from our leaders... And the fact that American people just believe what ever there told on the news... This is how Mitt and the Mormon church are doing so well.. keep the people stupid tell them what you want them to think.. and hope no one reads anything for there self... 

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The problem is that those in power have a tendency to protect what they have and find ways to add to it. Our job is to make sure that there are enough checks and balances to stop a leader form becoming a dictator, or to support a narrow agenda, no matter if it is capitalism or communism. Therefore we need to elect representatives that will treat all members of society fairly. That is the only way to insure our freedoms. As an example there are those that fight against Obama Care, Why? Because it costs too much? Canada, England etc. have universal health care. It may not be perfect but at least an individual can usually get the help they need. The leaders need to balance the need of the individual to work and keep  and save enough to live comfortably and keeping their desire to work verses  living on food stamps . It is a fine line, Some have billions and share through donations to hospitals etc. I would like to see all churches pay their excess dollars in taxes . Of course if they send it all on the poor than there would be no tax to pay. Building a $5,ooo,ooo,ooo mall would not be considered a tax reduction.

Capitalism: The billion dollar drug company's hate Obama Care... This year alone the lost 1 and half billion dollars in profits .... That is out of there 9 billion dollar profit gain last year... See they had free rain to over bill, double bill and bill dead peoples- Medicare and Medicaid  ... example the half empty mental heath hospital here in Florida. Obama Care... has a task force that went around shunting down places like this... and they were paid to do this by our tax money... But the news didn't report much ... Like the center was claiming to be full and patients filling there beds that were never there, or died and not there at all because they released them a long time ago... The place was almost empty... But pulling in big money .... To look like they were up and running they bought lots of supply's from the big corps... Billing Medicare and Medicaid and then shipping them over seas for even more profit... They shut down a few of these places before our reps our governmental leaders complained and shut down that horrible Obama Care task force... They were shutting down much needed ... medical facility ... down and moving people to other places... even if they were not caring for the people they were billing.. please... 

I hear we need less government...  We need government that works for the people (we the people) not just for the big  company's and corporations... 

I could go on and on....insurance companies who denied claims wrongly and get away with it to make even more profits and cause the death (because treatment was to late or they died before they could get help) and pain of the people. paying them for the security of having insurance...

This is what corporate America has become ... Corporate America... The wealthy and powerful using and ripping off the less fortunate over and over again... Use the news and media to tell use how wonderful they are to use and how we need them and we need to trust them give them our money... We have way to many people who just don't think read and learn...

All that to say we need less Communism  (witch is less government) and more government that if for the people by the people .. not government that has and is becoming all for the betterment of Corporate America and larger  company's... The problem ...  

Oh ya did I tell ya all I am a house wife and home school my kid... but I get this .. and in school .. I got it... whats wrong with our leaders.. and people... Capitalism: with out government will become  Aristocracy  (Rule by the Elite). America ... look at what is happening right now...


  1. A hereditary ruling class; nobility.
    1. Government by a ruling class.
    2. A state or country having this form of government.
    1. Government by the citizens deemed to be best qualified to lead.
    2. A state having such a government.
  2. ****A group or class considered superior to others.****** equal rights gone ...

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/aristocracy#ixzz1sy6qPh6A


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