Now that my new life has begun I look at the many people in the wards I lived that were either hypocrites or deny their own reason. And I wonder why I was so correct when all around me I found hypocrisy?

For example: Bishop sleeping for 7 years with another bishops’ wife (while on the calling),  High Councilor wife proposing adulterous relations, checks from fast offerings given to the bishop signed by the bishop himself, Stake president drinking everything under 0.5% alcohol. Pre-marital sex was ok if you both prayer together and one of you was holding a stake calling… and other stories (don’t get me started with mission stories). I wonder how many of you can explain or have witness real situations like this that happen in the Church…So much hypocrisy and denial.

If the Mormons could only give a chance to the truth!

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I must not have been in the right circles because I was never aware of these hypocrites. That, or my wards just didn't have high enough rates of this stuff. We generally kept to ourselves and avoided gossip circles and ward cliques as they didn't appeal to us.

I never knew all of these until I served for a few years in two stakes High councils, then specially in the first one, I had to attend almost a disciplinary council a month!.

I imagine has been an unusual journey for me in the wards I attended. Who knows?

You lived in Utah - land of the free; land of secrets. I knew of a Branch President who ran off with the organist. A nice man who aspired to be bishop who wound up in jail for embezzlement, another bishop who was exed for misappropriation of funds. A man who took off with another friend's wife; then got a new girlfriend who was fellowshiped like crazy when she decided to be baptized an all was forgiven him.


|I want to know why believing members sin so much and then turn around and say that we leave the church to sin. Hell, why not stay put and sin like they do. There is no end to the forgiveness as long as you don't apostatize.

It was kind of like that for us. We had our own little dysfunctional family- didn't need anyone else's problems and we kept ours within the walls of the house.


Micah, one concern I have about xlds groups is that many have a tendency to think hypocrisy is only a thing for the LDS; or religion; or whatever group isn't "theirs". Heck, atheists can be hypocritical, too. ANYONE can be a hypocrite. The problem with Mormonism is the teachings. We used to hear "the church is perfect the people aren't." Fact is, Mormonism is far from perfect. The LDS church is not because, from Josephs 1st 10 versions of the 1st vision on, its based on lieing to people.


I'm very concerned that this isn't just venting, but creating a boogeyman instead of helping people over the hump.


Make sense?

he did cash the money, for years, he was protected by a stake president until a new one put the issue in order, there was a big confrontation and many people got involved as the bishop also employed some members in the stake, lol

good for you creative bliss, my first time deciding to leave was at 16 but the bias got me strong and decided to go to a mission to refute my doubts. I wish i have done it but... anyways great lessons in life have been learned

Well after looking over some of the early history of the church on this site, I guess all this stuff makes perfect sense.  Maybe they are his "spiritual wives"  I decided a long time ago that being honest with oneself and being mormon were mutually exclusive although for me it was for entirly different reasons.  I didn't know people who did those sorts of things. Sexually abuse of children were what the lies were all about.  Lies all the same. It doesn't bother me so much that members would sin.  That is stated and what repentence is for.  What bothers me is that the churches actions and climate put so many women and children at such a huge risk for abuse. There is so much denial by the guilty and so many hold temple recommends.  My ex husband, a convicted sex offender, is an example.
when you have a repressive society this is what happens, much like George Orwell 1964 book
That is 1984 my friend. The noose is getting ever tighter and the water that the frog is in is getting hotter, but the members don't recognize it because it happens so gradually. Tell me the story of the bishop and the fast offerings or where to find it please.

1984 true, lol my memory this morning is not the best

the story is self living story, not published, i was part of the disciplinary council of that stake at the time i found out.

basically cash its own cheques, and the interesting thing is you need 2 signatures, so a councilor or (i dont' remember all details) financial clerk was involved

thank you for your comment.

In any chain of command systems there are privileges for the upper class, Church is no different.

Sounds like you went to Sodom and Gomorrah Ward ;) sorry, couldn't resist.


I can't say all of that happened in the ward I grew up in. And is it so much hypocrisy as it is self-deception? Thinking you're "okay" because some organization deemed you "worthy" somewhere along the way? 


Hypocrisy exists both inside and outside of Mormonism and the only reason I can see for leaving the LDS church over hypocrisy is when you believe you would, yourself, become a hypocrite by staying. Which is why I left. I didn't want to become a hypocrite, pretending to believe key teachings when I no longer believed them.


I look back and frankly, the hypocrisy of others wasn't an issue. What was an issue were teachings that told a person, especially children and teens, that they were "unworthy" and unlovable before God because they messed up, felt certain feelings, or struggled with things considered "unholy" by churchmen who had no clue.



wow Kate, your ex must be an FLDS at heart. I wonder if the girl's dad pointed your ex to the police.


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