From a discussion in the LAM chat we realized that some members might need to conceal their participation on this community, to other users of the same computer (family members, office or room mates), or to the organization that provides internet connection (for instance, BYU).


1) How to keep your browsing private to other users in your computer:


  • Set up your own user profile in Windows, instead of allowing everyone to browse with the same user.
  • Erase cookies and browsing history. If you haven't done it before, take a look at your web browser and learn how to do it.
  • Install a more privacy-friendly browser: Firefox allows you to delete the history, cache, and cookies from the last hour, two hours, four hours, the day, etc. Go to "Tools" -> "Clear Recent History" or just press Control-Shift-Del.
  • Firefox and Google Chrome allow you to open browser windows for private browsing. Google Chrome calls them "Incognito Windows" and to open one click on the tool icon and select "New Incognito Window" or press Shift-Control-N. The incognito window has an icon with a man in a hat in the upper left side, and Chrome does not keep any information from the pages in any of the tabs of that window.


2) How to keep your browsing activity concealed to the network administrator and the organization that provides you internet:


  • Use an anonymous web proxy service (Wikipedia Page). That service conceals the URL (web address) and content of the webpages you visit, allowing you to browse the without let the network provider to know which pages you visit. A google search on "anonymous web proxy" will give you a few to try (Kproxy, Anonymouse, etc).
  • But, if the network administration is minimally clever, they probably already banned access to those services. In that case you can try with Vidalia (a part of the Tor project). Vidalia sets up your own proxy sever in your computer, encrypts all comunications and routes them through a secure network so neither the administrator of your network or the website knows who you are (your IP address) or what you are browsing. Just one caveat: use this service only to remain anonymous; do not use it for home banking or other activities when you DO need to be identified.

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Attending BYUI, you have one of those "minimally clever" administrations. Pain in the ass to get around. They've blocked every one of those links. The only way to get through is SSH stuff that I barely understand, and had to have a computer wiz kid set up for me.
Good info Nacho!  Thanks for sharing.


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