I was curious if there are any stats on how many people resign membership each year? Is it increasing with the abundance amount of knowledge available?

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I would not agree with it being an "American terminnolgy" as such .....I think is more an "internet terminology.......can someone expand on that perhaps?

Indifferent I can only see for someone like my sister who stopped following the ideals of the church once she was like 18 and started drinking but never actually admitted to not believing in the church but just stopped going and really just doesn't care.    However, someone who comes on here or any other post-Mormon site is most certainly not indifferent.

Well at least your "spineless" comment will take a little of the heat off me.

When I made my comment, I wanted to see how many people would respond defending their reasoning for still being a member of the church.

I suppose there may also be a handful of people who no longer believe, but are presently employed by the cult. In those circumstances I could understand a person maintaining their membership, while they searched for new employment. What I couldn't understand, though, is if someone no longer believes in the faith, yet still keeps their job for the church, and therefore continues to attend, and pay tithing. That to me would be hypocritical. At least make an attempt to find new employment, even if jobs are scarce in this economy.

Yes this actually would be one I could see.  Or if a student at BYU wants to finish and get their degree first.

yeah, I think there actually are a few of those lurking around these websites. Good for them if they can get their cheap education, and then managed to run away as fast as they can, and maintain their sanity in the process.

Not quilty - resigned shortly after first "revelation"  excuse the pun.

About the employment part...that could be tricky but I remember someone once joining the church and at the time being employed in a Liquor Store and the words "appearance of evil" being used. I was tempted many a time to ask if there would be objections to me applying for a job as a receptionist in a 'house of ill repute" (now I am roflmao)

Gosh you folks are judegmental!!!! Now I am lazy and spineless.  Oh well as I said I dont think I can stand even writing a letter.  Maybe I have not yet fully let go. Sorry to be spineless!

Perhaps we can stop this particular subject as we seem to be resorting to name calling!

Dont go to church, dont pay titihing, dont believe and dont everything else.  Also not indifferent.  Subject closed from my side.

Bevie - I have been told I don't have a brain so if you dont have a spine we must get together, maybe we can figure something out...


Good one Enlightened.  

Bevie, I'm sorry you've had to put-up with name calling.  

I'm still too judgmental, but I certainly wouldn't call you or anyone names for not officially resigning.  I can see many good reasons someone would not want to.  Hugs to you Bevie.


You are right but I could not be bothered with the grief and etc stuff that goes with going to see the "Bishop" etc etc

just as a matter of interest Bevie - a resignation does not require a "going to see the Bishop" - he may want to see you when receiving a letter of resignation but one can also stipulate in such a letter than one does nto want to "discuss it further" - I would assume they would have the decency to respect your wishes then. Just saying......


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