I was curious if there are any stats on how many people resign membership each year? Is it increasing with the abundance amount of knowledge available?

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That info is usually available in Conference issues.  What I mean is the amount of new members etc.  My experience has been that a lot of baptisms are done for the "wrong reasons" and many many people just dont go basck to the Church.  They are just counted as inactive, like me!  I only know of one person who asked for her name to be removed.  I know a couple of folk that were excommunicated.

Our Ward (that I was in when going to Church) has only a mere handful of active members, rest all inactive.

Like a couple others that say they have not removed their names.   Well neither have I and most probably also never will.  Dont hate Mormons, also have fond memories.  Just sad because of the lies and manipulation.  Big step to remove name etc and I dont know if I could go through all that.  Cant officially join another Church if I am still a member of LDS.  Oh well here I live on the fence no doubt people are saying.  Thats where I am at!!!

You can join any church you want and still have your name on the rolls of the church. 

 Would you want your name left on record if you changed political parties? Or if you quit the KKK or a gang, would you want your name on their membership role? Not me, after 50ish yrs in the Morg,I don't want any of that identity I don't believe in or support.Glad to be me and free and follow my own spiritually from in my heart and gut instinct.It's no longer difficult to get name removed with all the exmo protocol help to do it.It's a liberating day when that letter comes and you are empowered to search out what is correct and true for you.Make NEW and BETTER MEMORIES.

There's a word for people who claim to neither believe nor support the church, but don't bother to take the steps in removing their name from the record. That word is: Lazy.

Hi Eric,

Maybe it is laziness, but you are not in my shoes.   Dont need the grief etc

That's a bit harsh Eric....sounds awfully judgemental - something I thought we left behind when we left TSCC..

LOL.   I gotta admire the spunk at least.   I had a feeling this comment would cause some controversy when I first saw it.


I don't know about lazy though.   Maybe if they just don't wanna bother I could see it as lazy.  However, it could also be that they would rather have to be contacted by the bishop or stake president of the ward to be questioned about their decision to leave.  That I wouldn't call lazy but spineless.


Only other things I could see are New Order Mormons who don't believe but go anyway, but on those terms they still support the church.


So the two situations I can see are lazy or spineless.   Any others?


 Lazy,  Spineless.....or perhaps just indifferent?

I highly doubt indifferent would apply to the demographic that participates in this kind of social media. The folks who are indifferent about the church, would probably also be indifferent about discussing church related issues. I have a couple of coworkers who no longer participate in church, but are, as you say, "indifferent" about their membership. They also have no interest in sites like these.

...except for the lurkers -

Lurkers!!! American terminology no doubt???


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