This is hard for me to write, but I figure it is time to write this down. My story with Mormonism begins when I was born to a Mormon mother out of wedlock, and my father was also Mormon, in the same ward. As soon as I was born my fathers family tried to spread lies about who my father was, and then fled to Colorado (at the time both families lived in New Hampshire). My mother finished her senior year of high school and worked as a CNA for a few years until my father finally got back to new Hampshire and proposed when I was 4. At this time he was in the military, and when we moved to Japan they left the church behind. They didn’t come back in until I was 11 and going into boy scouts, this time we lived in Lexington Park Maryland. We fit in just fine with all of the military families, but no matter how much I read the bible or book of Mormon I just couldn’t believe it was true. I never understood how it could fit into the history that I knew was right and backed up by evidence. I still pretended to believe for my family since they were happy, and I have to admit it did better their lives. Before the church my father was a drunk for years and both parents smoked all the time, which eventually caused lung problems for my brother. A little while after I turned 13 we moved to Jacksonville Florida, where there weren’t as many understanding people in the wards. The people here were cruel and harsh even by church standards. It was their way or shut up and leave, even stating that a normal marriage was living in sin because it isn’t a temple marriage. Normally I am pretty patient, but by the time I turned 16 I was saying to hell with it, and stopped caring what people thought. I told people point blank that I wouldn’t serve a mission, and instead I would go to college or join the military. Oddly enough even though I still kept showing up at church because I had no choice, the only people who kept trying to get close to me for friendship reasons were the military people and the 2 guys doing their residencies for their MD program. We never talked about church teachings just our lives and what we thought of different things happening in the world. This is important because it taught me how to say what I think and even though I am now only 18, I can have an opinion that people care about. I left Jacksonville to go to college in Maine for a semester to clear my head, while up there I finally decided that when I can financially take care of myself I will leave the church forever. As I write this I have talked to army recruiters and plan on talking to navy recruiters to make my decision on which branch to join, and will hopefully be headed to boot camp later this year. I hope that my story will help others the same way your stories have helped me finally realize what I need to do to be happy.

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You've made a great start on an amazing journey! 

Thank you. I figured i have been on on this site for a while so it is time for me to finally write this down and share my full story.

Funny similarities. My DH is active duty military and we moved to Lexington Park, MD from Japan. We are moving out of MD in a few weeks but I understand what you are saying. The military is its own type of community and the judgement is so much less than in the church.

My DH and I were both raised LDS and our lives have been so much better since we have gotten away from it. Sadly the LDS community is a group that thinks they are superior and don't owe society decency because they have all the answers and the rest of society hasn't caught on yet.

Follow your own path and follow your heart. The church is a dead end. As for joining the military remember you can still be a moral, decent, and wonderful person without the church. Just take the time to decide who you want to be and what you want out of life.

Good luck!

Thank you. and i think Lexington park is a popular place for the navy to go, there were some spots that we went between japan and MD that I skipped over though because they didn't really matter to the story, since my family didn't reactivate until we moved to MD. 


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