Hi everyone, I'm new to this world. Just left the church in the last half year. I work full-time and attend night school...I'm not interested in the bar scene...my friends and family have been supportive and kind and I still enjoy socializing with them, but...we don't talk about my new values and beliefs. Right now my therapist is about the only one I can really talk to, haha. How do/did you all make new friends???

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Facebook and the exmo groups (some secret/hidden) there have helped us find some friends here in Utah Valley that we hang out with at least once a month or more. I can invite you to those groups if you like.
sure that'd be great. My facebook account is linked to untamedclay@yahoo.com.
I know exactly how you feel. I'm going through the same thing. It's very hard to meet people after growing up in the church. We were always involved socially...there was never a need for effort to make friends. I went to meetup.com and browsed through the various groups in my area. I've been to a few meetups and have had a blast.
great thread start. i left the church almost a year ago. the only exmo's i've met have been through the CALM activities and the religious transition group that meets up in cottonwood heights area (they meet like 2x a month). i've found it's very hard to meet people that have similar beliefs as me. i don't go to church now, obviously, but the social aspect...though i found it very fake most of the time...is something i miss. kind of like how i miss feeling like god was backing me up on every decision so even if the consequences were bad they were "meant to be" lol. guess it's just another thing to deal with on the postmormon path.
simplysarah, how did you find a therapist? i've been to one and she was a nut so i've never tried again. i think it'd be a big help for me but i don't want someone who tries to talk in circles about how i'll be coming back to the church if i was just intelligent enough.
Hello Sarah, try meetup.com . I have made some great friends in this forum of common local interests. Try the "Open on Sundays Social Club" or one of the hiking groups. The meet up groups have been a great source of relief from my MEGA MO neighborhood. Try it out!
Thanks everyone for the tips!!!
The CALM group is good. There are several groups on meetup.com that get together in SLC. Other than that, most of my socializing has come about through facebook. Feel free to add me.
FB me!
How do we know what to find you under?
michele milliner

I don't care who knows my real name
Only registered members can see this full thread anyways. No lurking on this site without at least registering and logging in. Expect a friend request momentarily.
Lol, looks like I'm already friended with you. Cool.


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