Anyone else have problems with holier than thou attitudes from another member? I had a problem with one woman(She's part of the reason I want out.) Everything when it comes to my son I'm doing wrong. Blah, blah,blah.  I'm not at church enough. Blah, blah, blah.

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This is the reason why i will never return to the church .........


I may believe in God .... but truth be told, i am very wary of religious .... especially when they are unforgiving, inhuman, unrealistic, too rigid and extreme

I agree people in the church are mostly well meaning when offering advice. I had a woman who has, for as long as I have known her (20+ years), treat me as a project. I could never figure out why she did that. I have money, attended church, had children who were wonderful...she just needed to frequently point out that my family needed to be sealed so we could all be together in the eternities. Since my husband was not a member, it just gave her a reason to take me on as her number one project. I eventually set boundaries with her by telling her to stop because it is hurting our friendship. I don't like feeling like I am not "good enough" as is.

my TBM sister-in-law is like that with everything, but there is no exit strategy from her BS

When I joined the church, I started to become like that. I even started treating my family with that attitude - I can't tell you how bad I feel about that. Oddly enough, it was serving a mission that cured me of that versus making it worse.

As far as receiving that attitude, been there too - even as we speak. It exists, and it sucks. I think there is a good chunk of members who say things about how YOU live the gospel - and make "suggestions", because they really DO care and are concerned. As misguided as it is, they sincerely care, and the concern is genuine.

Then there are those who really do just look down on people because they really believe they are living properly/perfectly and are the "chosen ones".   In my experience, THOSE members are the minority... 


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