Something i do often is writing poetry, it isnt something that i view I am good at but something i wanted to share with you guys. 

These were written a while ago, here are the two more recent ones ive written. Due to college time constraints I havent been writing much but i hope to write more soon. and any tips on grammar or punctuation would be helpful by the way.


To the military I am going
I see the eyes around me filled with hatred glowing
I cannot shake my fear
as those around me sneer

I always wanted to serve
I was never one to sit and observe
I couldn’t sit by and not help another
after being taught to treat everyone like a brother.

I may be missed by my family and my friends,
but for this I must make amends.
I’m sorry I cannot follow the path you wanted for me
but please just let me do this and leave me be.


not named yet

Why would you choose her over me?
over your own flesh and blood, your oldest son,
you chose your little adoptee.

How do you think this makes me feel?
Cast aside, not worth your love… I cannot believe what you’ve done.
This is not something from which I can easily heal.

How can you explain this one?
I cannot wait to hear it,
how can you publicly poke fun at your oldest son?


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Very nice!

Thanks. its just something i love doing, even though there is no future in it.

keep doing what you enjoy.  These hobbies, whether they 'amount' to anything are what keep us sane in a crazy world.

Thanks. I just like writing and it is a perfect form of therapy. In my case, it just helps get rid of all the anger i have.


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