Historic File prove the LDS Church was racist in 1964...Letter by an apostle to Michigan governor


Please everybody...read it; I'm sick!!

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What hateful venom from someone who claims to be a prophet of God! Yup, these sure were inspired men of God. NOT!!
More here:


I have been researching online...It seems they ( at mormon matters.com ) were talking about this letter more than a year ago!!...Please friends...read the comments of the TBM some of them are really ridiculos and funny

Please...share the information...
Human beings are sheep, but only to a point. Mormons are sheep, but only to a point. Mormons are racist sheep but only to a point. Clearly, the mormon God is/was a racist and a homophobe. So a Prophet of such a God can't really be blamed. Just read the doctrine says Delbert. Can't argue that logic.


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