Does anyone know of any decent articles or stories from former church members (ones who worked with the churches money), and have told some of what they do with it? I’ve got a reporter who really wants to see if she can find out what they are funneling Romney. I think she’ll never be able to find it, personally, but if anyone knows something, let me know, please!

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Very important to find out! It seems Romney's own financial dealings are far from transparent either?

There is a book, written by a former Church headquarters employee, "The Book of Mammon - the corporation that owns the Mormon Church", published a year or two ago. It might throw up some leads?

Maybe impossible to get to the truth, but worth trying. Good Luck! 

I don't know if this will help much, but I came across this article some time ago, disappointed yet not surprised to find how quick to hide potentially incriminating (politically, anyway) evidence that could have caused many to pause before considering Romney for the presidency.

I thought there was a book that came out recently from a COB insider on church finances.  I can't recall the name or author for the life of me.  If I remember, I'll post again.

FOUND IT!  This is the book and author that might know best how to help the journalist: The Book of Mammon: A Book About A Book About The Corporation That ... by Daymon Smith

Thanks Micah!!  I'll send it to her!  Really appreciate this.  I knew I "knew" something but couldn't remember!  Thanks again!


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