Hi everyone. I'm new here and I need a little bit of advice or help. I was converted to the church just over a year ago. How do I go about leaving the church. I have two reasons for why I want to leave. One: I just really don't think I belong. I'm openly bisexual and I have 2 children by 2 diffrent men. One of which I was not married too. I stick out like a bit of a sore thumb. I also get a lot of unwanted advice and berateing from a few of the other women in RS. Two: I have a hard time wraping my head around some of the concepts. The whole golden plate thing and a few others. I guess I'm just not meant to beleive or something. Any advice.

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Were you baptized then?  If so, you'll need to draft a letter and send it to the church office building in Salt Lake City.  This guide on resigning from Mormonism can assist you with that process.  There's a reason your logical mind can't wrap around the weird beliefs of Mormonism.  They don't make sense much of the time, and there's often no proof other than warm fuzzies of it being true.  Post here as often as needed while you transition back into life after mormonism.

Yes I was baptized. It was the last sunday of Febuary 2009. I remember because the job I had at the time had me on a four days on four days off schedule and the was the next availble date for me to get baptized. Does the guide have the address to the office building in Utah? That way I can save it to my computer and have it on file.

Yes, please try my link again as I had the wrong URL there previously.

I took one big step yesterday. I drank a StarBucks frappicino coffee drink without feeling guilty.

Oh a few more quetions. A friend of mine that was a member of the church but passed way was inactive. I know she had no intrested in the church anymore. Is there some possible way for myself or a family member of hers to get her name taken out of the member's archives? I also had some canned food from the store house as well would it be okay for me to give them to local food banks in my area?

Not sure about removing the name of someone who has passed.  I don't know that it would be worth the hassle.  It has no bearing on where they are now in the after life.  You can do what you want with the food given to you.  Share or keep it as it suits you .

The food is going to a local church's food pantry then. It's fruit that my parents and I don't like and have no use for,

Oh one last question. Can I give the letter directly to my bishop? Or talk to him directly? I'm not really a letter writing person( I always sucked when I had to fill out reports at my last job.)

You can try that if you want.  I emailed my letter to the Bishop and Stake President.  Handing it in should work but you'll want to make sure you followup if you don't see an official letter saying your records were removed withing 4-6 weeks.

I'm very good with followup. I once bugged a Lt at the prison I worked at several times not to put me in a certain postion. After I asked the captian whose bright idea it was to put the pregnant lady in that position in front of that Lt. I was only put in that place one more time,


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