Have you see new Romney documentary on British Television / The Mormon Candidate?

BBC TV documentary on this week investigates the beliefs and business practices of Mitt Romney,  and asks whether America is ready for a Mormon president.
Sweeney travels to Utah to visit stars of its expensive ad campaign 'I'm a Mormon', who tell him of their dedication to family and charity. He meets polygamists, the official Church has turned its back on, he talks to missionaries who recruit people around the world just like Mitt Romney in the sixties, finds ex-members, including Romney's cousin who claim they are cut off from their families, spied on by the FBI and accuse Mormonism of being a cult, He questions theses aspects with Holland a general authority.

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 I like the part where Jeffrey Holland assures the interviewer he had read books, is educated and is not a dodo.

The not a dodo line should be added to every discussion that mentions him in the future.

Also interesting is that every time Holland was equivocating or lying he touched his scriptures on the desk.


I have to admit to saying something dumb like that when I was on my mission.  We were talking to two atheists and they irritated me with their knowledge and logic, so I said something like "I'm not stupid.  I'm just as smart as you."  

45 years later, I still sometimes think about that and once again become very embarrassed just thinking about my response.

Thanks for posting about this watched it last night really enjoyed it.

Do you have a link to view the doumentary. I have not been ale to find one that will play.


It looks like that video is 10 minutes of selected portions of the Documentary.

I've now found a 6-part series on YouTube that appears to be the complete documentary:


Im watching it now. I have been looking for the whole thing.  Wonderful, thankyou Idaho spud. Laura from Pocatello.


I put it on youtube, and Ithink several other people have too.

I just posted this elsewhere as well, but a number of us are responding to Holland's offer in the documentary to meet with ex-Mormons.  We created a blog to ask that he set the time and place to meet with us: http://talkwithholland.blogspot.com/  Now, wouldn't that be an interesting event?  It will be a grand opportunity for Holland to demonstrate he is not a Dodo.  

As Dodo-like as he is, he just may fall into the trap.  Let's hope.  

Just finished watching the documentary. Sweeney did a good job of covering the subject. He made a couple of mistakes, but not unlike mistakes make by others outside of the 'crutch.' The Boston temple is not a church and ward houses are not temples. Big deal!

Most revealing was Holland's discomfort when answering the hard questions put to him by Sweeney. But, of course, the bottom line was his employing the 'faith' card. Dodo comment notwithstanding, Holland is just as brainwashed as the other members. His challenge to meet with the nonmembers is empty and useless.

I don't think Romney has a snowball's chance in hades (I don't believe such a place exists) to win the election. I've never voted Democrat in my life, but this year I'm voting for Obama! 


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