Just tossing out good vibes and a wish for good times to everybody who celebrates.  Gratitude and appreciation is certainly worth our time.

Extra gratitude for everybody who participates here at LAM and to Micah for investing his time in the post-Mo community.

Cheers and stuff.


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Thanks Shamdango, and happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone in our community as well. Many of you are just as much family to me as my own flesh and blood, and actually know the more authentic me than my family is privy too. So here's my warm holiday wishes to you all this Thanksgiving, that no matter what condition your relationship is with your TBM family or how you're celebrating this Thanksgiving, know that you have a supportive, understanding exmo family that circles the globe! Stay warm, drive safe and enjoy the food.
Amen to this!(I believe amen means so be it).
A toast to you all, but I'll have to do it Friday because there will be no drinking at the in-laws, who luckily are supportive of our choices. I'm lucky with family that way, they just want us to be happy. Lucky to enjoy companionship of like minded people here too. Thanks!
Happy Thanksgiving to one and all here in our little community! This year I am extra thankful to have found this group and for all the new, great friends I've been privleged to meet here: there really is Life After Mormonism! Oh: and an extra helping of gratitude to Micah for all the time, effort and energy you put forth on our behalf! I hope everyone is able to truly enjoy this holiday, remembering the reason for THIS holiday season is Gratitude! Now go ye forth and get stuffed!! :)
Happy Holiday Hugs to All,
Lisa Beth/Pixie
Well, unlike our American cousins to the South, we Canadians do recognize that it is your Thanksgiving and we wish you a wonderful day and time well enjoyed with your family. Now next year...
Our Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October; let's see how many of you remember us;-)
Love ya'll - be happy.
Ah Jean, I'm sorry I missed it this year. Hopefully I'll be clued in next year. Thanks for the well wishes.
I used to live near Buffalo so a Canadian Thanksgiving is not far fetched.I am now in SC and and exmo. I do miss a traditional turkey day but we old girls with no families go to a Chinese Buffet. Even after we left, Mo's invited us we went several times.Got to say, it was mass activity. Wild kids,big messes! Not thankful for that at all. This year has been so full of "favor"(I no longer use blessing) I want and need peace and quiet to tune into thankful. But whatever this day means to all of you, take time to savor some gratitude and be good to others.
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you all have a great holiday!
Micah, if I didn't love you so much, I might be upset at your American slight to your lovely Canadian cousins. But I do love you so what can I do? Have a lovely time my friend. I'm so thankful to you and glad to know you and Jennifer; you are great people. Big hugs.
Thanks Jean! That made my day. We love you and appreciate all that you do too!
I second that!
Yeah for thanks! I'm grateful for this wonderful past year where I realized Mormonism was a crock and that I've met so many wonderful people both online and IRL!!! Eat lots of food and drink!!!


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