I've noticed so many of you who have left the church seem to have lost your belief in God. I feel like I'm having a  hard time fitting in because I do still believe in God or in something bigger than us...just that I have to believe in something. I'm struggling a bit now with this so I may babble. I've started researching other religions/beliefs, trying to find something that feels right to me.  Sometimes I wonder if I feel I have to believe in something because I am so afraid of death. Or because it's been so ingrained in me my whole life. I have major issues with organized religion. I don't want to be "shopping" for something. I love the peaceful feeling that Buddhism and Wicca brings. I read a Bible verse a day and there is so much violence or vengeance. Yet I remember one time crying because I wondered what I had done to deserve something so good that had come into my life and I heard a voice clearly saying "Don't you think I know what you need?" - was that God?  It's such a confusing time for me and I wonder how you all handle it because I know you have all been through something similar.


Sorry for the rambling...it's the only way I know how to write, to just let it come out with my thoughts.

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Did you learn anything from leaving the church? This always baffles me. You were probably pretty damn convinced that you were right and you had the Truth when you were Mormon, right? Now, maybe, you have a more enlightened truth in your belief in Jesus and so you believe that yes, NOW you have the Truth and everyone else is wrong. Don't you see that as you evolve and grow, use your mind to its greatest capacity, and leave your heart open to all avenues of truth, your opinion is very likely to change again? You are very likely to find the areas where you're currently off-base and correct them and your world view is going to constantly evolve. So, yes, believe in whatever it is that brings you peace and make you happy. But by shutting everyone down who disagrees with that and telling everyone that they're wrong what you're doing is asserting that YOU ARE RIGHT and that there's no other way to look at the world! You have had your entire religious world-view torn down and rebuilt, you're an ex-Mormon...you should really know better.

I will not demand that you believe Go through His word.. I will..  There I am taught that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life..  Not a religion, not a doctrine, not a prophet.. Just God.. I tell people of that God if that shuts you down you need to find a path that is enlightened by God and stay on it not look to be guided by still other men in their false teachings.. Buddha lays dead in his tomb, Mohammad lays dead in His.. Jesus and Jesus alone told us the truth and left as testimony a empty tomb.. My heart is open to God BUT I will not be lead down false paths ever again.. To assure that doesn't happen I will cling to the Bible as a guide and revelation of God. Jesus is Right and He is the ONLY WAY of understanding the truth of God.. He is RIGHT.. I fail Him much to often for anyone to follow me.. But I will point to Jesus and lift Him up every chance I get..   I know better than to look to any man invented philosophy and that would include one of your making..   IHS  jim

I'm not talking about following their paths. Stick to what feels right to you. I'm talking about realizing that you don't have all the pieces to the puzzle, that you have no way of knowing another person's personal or spiritual experiences, and you could give a little more room to others to see the world differently from you, while still following your heart and convictions.


You like to reference Jesus getting angry in the temple a lot. But guess what. You are not Jesus. You are a follower of Jesus. Jesus didn't command his followers to get angry and knock things over and tear people down. He told his followers to love their fellow man. He taught the lesson that the person without blame could cast the first stone. In my view, you are casting verbal stones at everyone who disagrees with you. You can disagree, but you are imperfect and by extension your understanding of the universe is imperfect. Maybe you could consider actually personifying the kind of life Jesus tried to teach you by being kind and compassionate and let God correct and enlighten those who need it, since he has a better view of who that is and how to do it?

I agree with you mike.. just another way to controll someone idc what they preach... there is zero scientific proof its all the same

So to you it's either a cult of nothing.. You rightly chose NOTHING..  To bad you didn't just allow the truth into you put away the following of men and turn ONLY to GOD.. But this is a common path people take out of the cults..  IHS jim

I see you don't like the unvarnished truth about spiritual matters.. You want sugar and spice.. Jesus never gave it that was.. He called the religious men of the day VIPERS, son of the Devil, and broke their property and chased their friends out of the Temple with a whip..But you turn to me and say I have some "cognitive dissonence" (sorry I have no idea what that is).. Sylvia brown is a false teacher. She has been wrong and is wrong much more than she is right.. It is again right from the Bible that is such a one as Ms Brown  has shown she is a false teacher   just by being wrong (Deut 18:20-22)..  I know you don't respect that kind of thing but it is scripture and since you speak of Wicca I can talk about truth.. I am here to judge if something is true, I don't judge you in any sin you may or may not commit.. I do judge Wicca, and Buddhism and false teaching that rob peoples minds and hearts from the truth that is Christ Jesus.. IHS  jim 

I just took the idea of you being Wicca from your own statement as you started this thread. That idea wasn't mine.. Gnostic.. :) I am glad you separate that from the Gospel Paul taught.. Paul in addressing their "gospel" told the Colossians that is anyone taught another gospel other than what He taught they were to be accursed.. He said it twice so it was important.. And yet Gnosticism teaches a different gospel as you have pointed out.. A gospel that is not much different than mormonism.. Always about works.. Always trying to perfect yourself.. That is not the message of Jesus, Peter John or Paul.. It is the message of false teachers..  IHS  jim

She has been right about a lot of things.. I have seen her also be totally off the mark.. She is great in reading people but she is NOT 100% correct in her messages as in required by those that speak a word from God..  I never said she was dishonest.. All I said was that she is not always right as God requires in His word (Deut 18:20-22). Both you and she agree that she had been wrong..  If that offends you take it up with Her or with God.. An admission of error is being proven wrong!  IHS  jim

James, I think you may need to review the house rules on not preaching, judging or being condescending towards others.  It is one thing to share your opinion about such things, but another to flat out say you or others are flat out right or wrong.  Are you solely here to preach the "truth" about Christianity?  If so, you're not in a place open for that purpose.  If your here to share with the community as equals, then please do so.

You didn't answer my questions about why the bible is any more credible than the BofM, which suggests to me your belief bias of that book, which is then only supported by your profession of Faith in it, rather than factual evidence that is verifiable.  Perhaps your discussions would be more appropriately shared in the exMormons to Christ group. 

I came here to talk about mormonism.. I had no idea that many of you had just replaced one cult for another..  If you don't like the obvious held up there report me and have me removed.. I stated that Wicca and Buddhism are in ways very similar to mormonism. All of which deny the divinity of Jesus..  I now draw that similarity between them these.. And that because I find it a terrible waste to see people turning from one error to follow the same sort of philosophecy..

Jesus is not God but just a good teacher.. He claimed to be God. Being a good teacher is not possible.. He was either who He said he is GOD, or he is a madman, or worse a liar like Smith was..  IHS  jim

From our or at least my perspective, you are the one who replaced the cult of Mormonism for that of born again Christian.  Just because Wicca and Buddhism don't claim belief in Jesus, does it mean they are not just as valid belief or guidance systems to those who find them useful as such.  You display much arrogance, the same kind Jesus spoke against to the Pharisees.  Do you not see the hypocrisy in your approach?

To take a crack at your question, I personally no longer follow the teachings of any one source completely or exclusively, but I do think that there many people with a lot of wisdom to offer that I can draw from for knowledge and inspiration. So saying, I connected with this Buddhist teaching or this teaching of Jesus and use that to be a better person is very, very different to me from the Mormon paradigm of allowing the men in SLC to make all my moral decisions for me or the Evangelical belief that the authors of the Bible were infallible and that is the only source of truth.

Also, saying that you envy their naivete is possibly the single most patronizing thing you could say to a believer. :P


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