I've noticed so many of you who have left the church seem to have lost your belief in God. I feel like I'm having a  hard time fitting in because I do still believe in God or in something bigger than us...just that I have to believe in something. I'm struggling a bit now with this so I may babble. I've started researching other religions/beliefs, trying to find something that feels right to me.  Sometimes I wonder if I feel I have to believe in something because I am so afraid of death. Or because it's been so ingrained in me my whole life. I have major issues with organized religion. I don't want to be "shopping" for something. I love the peaceful feeling that Buddhism and Wicca brings. I read a Bible verse a day and there is so much violence or vengeance. Yet I remember one time crying because I wondered what I had done to deserve something so good that had come into my life and I heard a voice clearly saying "Don't you think I know what you need?" - was that God?  It's such a confusing time for me and I wonder how you all handle it because I know you have all been through something similar.


Sorry for the rambling...it's the only way I know how to write, to just let it come out with my thoughts.

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Being raised in the "True Church" drove me to atheism. It's all bunk.

Hi Robin. I am sure all of us can empathize with your pain. If beliving in something helps you get through each day than use it.Aafter 5 yrs of biblical studies in university I am now an athiest. We can be powerful individuals if we hve faith in our own abilities. What one man can do so can another. As we help others we become stronger. Hear are a couple of my thoughts. You may debate them if you like .Just send me an email.

Hearing the Holy Spirit  As my church experience began to expand  I was called to be executive secretary to the Bishop, then as ward clerk .As I sat in a baptism meeting watching the ward mission leader, I once again heard a voice, "You're next". Why did I keep hearing a voice?

I had previously heard the same voice to confirm to go on a mission, to chose my wife and later on when I was to be called as a bishop.To answer that question, we need to examine the experiments of Dr Andrew Newberg. "'He demonstrated how the brain can be tricked into thinking our internal monologue – That little voice on our shoulder – is a disembodied voice talking to us, rather than emanating from us."" (Richard Packman, Denial)  Well, I was actively involved in replacing Brother Smith, when he could not conduct a baptism or missionary meeting and enjoyed the work, and my desire was manifested to me in that manner. Many of us have had times when a small voice of intuition would prompt us to call mom or check on the kids. If everything is well, we forget about the incident, but if we avert a tragedy, the memory sticks. He knew that I liked working with the missionaries and likely suggested me as his replacement. 

Proof of God. One cannot prove that there is nor is not a god. There is no hard evidence. Therefore man may rationalize that there could be one and base their hopes on that. We can prove that man has made up theories about his existence and those theories are in conflict with each other. Therefore without any hard proof we are left with only speculation as to his existence. We do have hard evidence of mans manipulative powers to control individuals through a blind faith theology. I must conclude that he does not exist. If he does it means he does not care about us or he would let us know. All Kings want to be recognized.

Here are some of my reasons why people do not use logical reason to change their views.

  1. We have millions of years of genetic make up to tie us to a social unit (tribe, clan, family, etc) for survival. Without our unit we would have to try to survive alone against the climate, wild animals and other humans that may be hostile to a stranger. The risk is too great to contemplate, so we bow to the leaders, (king, chief, priest, etc.) demands so we can stay. Originally it was the strongest dominate male that was to be obeyed. As our brains developed, some would use magic, trickery, oral rhetoric, or self proclamation of elite status, to appeal to the group so they could control the strongest male and thus persuade the social unit to follow them as the leader.
  2. Indoctrination from child hood by our piers to be obedient to them brings about the fear of being rejected. In some cases the consequences of disobedience could be as serve as death.
  3. They do not want to accept death as the end of existence. This can create a fear of what happens after death, such as a judgment, or being separated from ones family. Religion uses this fear to their benefit.
  4. One takes on the role of an apologist or defender of the faith.
  5. One is obedient to the leader’s admonition to look at only one perspective.

They are fooled into interpreting certain natural occurrences as miracles, and spiritual or supernatural in nature because we do not accept or understand the science involved.  Examples are, voodoo curses, recovery to health, visions and a feeling of

no God, world makes more sense, honestly, is not sad, is actually quite wonderful to realize the potential of humanity, its evolution, the cap[abilities of our specie, the relations we build and howe we protect life for the survival of our tribes

No need God, there is probably no God

I found a great deal of peace in learning about shamanism after I left,

not so much the "magical" aspects but the idea that we are connected to the earth

and to one another.  I can't imagine belonging to an organized religion, but I can't deny

that I wish for something to make it all easier.  Unfortunately, I came to believe that

the truth I have found is a very hard one, that I don't know the answers about the 

spiritual questions, and the best I can do is accept that I live without knowing anything,

without certainty.  it is a painful place, but it feels real.


I think there is not a God because you get into a cycle of who made that God, and then who made that God, etc.  I think science will ultimately explain existence and obviously is much more rational.  I think it's idealistic to want there to be some loving deity that created us for some reason and cares about us, because that also makes death more palatable for many.  Death - an end, with nothing after it - is not something many WANT to believe and is probably difficult to understand/conceptualize.  We are all so tied to the happiness that we have in our lives, and don't want it to end.  I think people search out something that can explain this and make them feel better.  That's just my opinion.

I feel the same with the exception of I have found a real deep scientific philosophy in budhism which explains alot if studied may enlighten one. Just because there is no ultimate deity doesnt mean there's only nilismn or annihilation. To each there own :) Wes...

Oh yes Buddhism is great.. The very best you "earn" in your future is to stop living completely and fade into the nothingness of Nirvana.. This system denies all the basic teachings of Jesus and His apostles and you find more enlightenment of the teaching of men than the teaching of Jesus..  I question that you have given up the idea of mormonism.. You still need to conform to the world "you get what you earn".. Christianity is 100% out of phase with all these man made teachings.. We are saved by God's grace through faith NOT BY WORKS..  Even Buddhism denies such "foolishness".. After all the Gospel is foolishness to those that are perishing..  IHS   jim

Do you desire others to respect your personal beliefs in Christianity?  If so, then I suggest you also respect the right of others to believe as they will, regardless of whether they agree with you.  If Christianity works for you, great!  It doesn't work for everyone though, and any system that demands a mandatory, dogmatic belief is a red flag for myself.  Just my 2 cents.

I see, if mormonism isn't true then throw out Jesus as well.. After all Smith lied to you all those years about his visions. Why would Jesus be any different, right?  Never mind that Jesus is prophesied of all through the Old Testament.. Even the spotless lamb of the sacrifice in the Law is a type for Jesus..  The Bible tell us He created all things, but you find more peace in the worship of the creation rather then the creator. That is Wicca isn't it? Like so many that leave mormonism you are throwing the baby out with the bath water..   IHS  jim

And why should I believe the Old Testament anymore than I do the Book of Mormon?  The atrocities endorsed, performed or commanded by the God of the OT is enough to make anyone atheist, not that I'm atheist, but you get the point.  

If you wanted to keep to mormonism I would have been an ally.. But you didn't you drug in other false teachings that you ran to for the protection of your feelings.  In the OT we find the prophecies that Jesus is the Messiah. You don't like the Law that insists that we kill disrespectful children and homosexuals.. No matter the New Testament tells us that Jesus died in their place.. All sin was forgiven that day He died except for the denial of the Holy Spirit. He tells us of the Gift of life though Jesus.. Sorry the truth puts you off.. I will continue"spouting it as  long as God gives me breath.. BUT if you want to turn back to s discussion of the false hood of mormonism I won;t keep at you.. IHS  jim

Then use it if you know as much as you say you do.. There us is the  Nicean Creed  coming out..  There were some very devoted men at that counsel. I see each point as having solid grounding in the Bible.. What part are you questioning? Have you even read it? What part would you add to the Bible.. What parts do you believe were added incorrectly?  I will again say that Jesus was not peaceful in His relations with those that would not see.. I have shown that already.. I don't focus on anything but Jesus.. He is my love. my peace.. He is the ONLY WAY to the Father, to salvation.. If anything else is put ahead or equal with Him then is anyone teaching such a lie is NOT of God, is NOT His child, and not a Christian..  IHS  jim


BTW I still am NOT personalizing any of this to you.


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