Getting Banned From Mormon Apologetic Forum And Postmormon Forum Is Like Deja Vue.

From the time I was very young, I have been beat on, had my locker in the public orphanage covered with threats that I was going to get my behind kicked etc. Of course, being a Mormon Citizen I did not think that the other Mormon Citizens, would consider doing anything so very anti-Christ. At first I thought that it was one of the bully boys from the football club, that I refused to associate with and date. It was strange knowing that there was a mob wanting to annihilate me, yet I was not sure who it, or they were. Was I nervous about the situation? Yes. Some of my "loser" Mormon Friends, had their lockers blown up, by one of the Cliques from The Mormon Social Club. Of course, this did not make the news, and was never allowed to be addressed, as if it had never happened.

I asked one of my Brother's friends to keep an eye on my locker when I left, to see if I could identify who the thugs were. I told him that it had to be some of the mean bullies from the football squad, or some one else that had not been pleased with my response, when I chose not to date him. Later in the day, my Brother's friend told me who was sending me these "Love" notes. It turned out that it was a group of Mormon females, including the daughter of a Bishop, who had been told to stay away from me, because I was a bad influence, coming from Garden City, which the Upper Crust from the Mormon Social Club referred to as Garbage City.

At first I was stunned. Then my heart sank. I had thought they were my friends. I had never done anything to them, except express myself and my view of the world. Perhaps they were offended that I had no desire to run to the parking lot at morning break to drink alcohol with them, which they had hidden in their cars. Or I cared more about my health, then to smoke cigarettes and smoke marijuana. I also thought it was uncalled for, when they disrespected and belittled those who were not of the same Social Club Church that they belonged to, or the way they snickered at and demeaned those who had less financially etc. then they did.

During lunch, a rather large group of them, both male and female, would sit at long tables in the cafeteria, that I called The Mormon Social Club Tables. Even though most of them were cordial with me, I knew...and they knew... that we were from different worlds. Most of the time, during lunch I either sat alone in the hallway, or with others who were not part of one of the little cliques, that are part of the bully infested social clubs, in schools. I did not think like them. They did not represent what I stood for, and they and their distorted doctrine or leaders, could never in reality ever stand in my place, in order that they could represent the Divine Being that is Me. Sadly, we could never be of one heart and mindset. Is it not so very obvious that we came here on different Spiritual Ships, and we will leave on different Spiritual Ships. They to a world, created with their ideals in mind, and me...back to My Own.

I have to say, that getting denied and shunned for expressing the various emotional lights of my Wholly Spirit is not a happy feeling. It is quite disheartening really. As is normal and natural, all individuals desire to have complimentary companions, advocates and friends. Like so many of the females from my Wholly Family, this is our main reason for choosing to have children of our own. No one truly desires to be alone, or to be lonely. Yet when one is not a complementary fit, to various cliques, such as the Mormon Social Club/Church, Mormon Apologetic Forum, and Post Mormon Forum, each encounter of censorship, banning, and having to be so very careful about everything that is in your justified nature to say and do, is quite exhausting, and no matter how small or large the group, the one who is not of the mindset of the Clique, is very alone.

 For me, these situations and many, many others I have been made part of, are like Deja Vu.. Each sad experience seems to feed on and enlarge the other in my mind, and the emotional and physical pain I experience, sends messages to my Wholly Spirit, wherein I we go again. Fortunately for each of us, our time in this atmosphere, is only so long, then we are gone, as if we had never arrived. These things and these people, are far away and behind us, like a bloody rag, that no longer has any use, and is thrown away and burned in the incinerator.

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Thanks, everyone is human and has feelings. Life is very important. No one is perfect, ...well, ...except me! :) hahahaha

Maiden, your last reply (here), is giving me the impression that you're a hyper-dimensional being from another time, place or realm outside of our own reality. Your wording and writing style reminds me of the channeled messages I used to read from people who believe or at least pretend to be receiving messages from aliens, higher dimensions and so forth. Is that the type of communication we are receiving through you? Other replies from you suggest you might believe you are a "walk-in", which is to say, a human who's consciousness has been switched out for another conscious entity, which is suggestive by your not remembering all of your life experiences and such. I don't mean to suggest that I believe all of this is reality or even possible, but I am curious as to whether you believe in such things, as that would aid in understanding you better.

Dear Sir Mike,

To Me and My Own, it is you and yours, who are aliens. Where did you and yours come from, why are you in our midst. What do you hope to accomplish, while you are here, in our atmosphere? You speak the languages of others who came, so it has caused us immense alarm, for we have seen their works.

I do not believe or even pretend to be receiving messages, from any alien forms, higher dimensions and so forth, as you have asked of me. As far as the term, walk one is in control of Me, except...Me. No other being, outside of My Self, is allowed. If any adversarial being were so foolish, as to try to use me, they would become self destructive, unto their self. This is extremely forbidden. Therefore to answer what I think might be your question, is this. No I am not an alien being, you are. I do not allow any form of alien entity, admittance unto The Most High God, The Genuine Self. One may try, but that one, will suffer and any form of their happiness, will die.

So what makes me an alien and you not? This all sounds like fantasy and BS which makes it hard to take you seriously and thus hurts your credibility. Your posts and messages are all over the place suggesting multi-personality disorder. Help me out here.

The inhuman mindset, has created inhuman laws. These bodies were created from what My Own identify, as the red earth. When ever My Own have used the word red, it is representative of that which is morally bankrupt, and unjustified. For example, the parting of a red sea, simply means that which is morally bankrupt and unjust, is separated from that which is not morally bankrupt and unjust, or lawless. They identify that which is genuine and true, as true blue. Red represents the opposite, in this color representation.

They have instructed me to inform you, that alien law is that which is dark and the darkness of space, a bucket with holes, that can not hold water, with out the warmth and nutrition of the Sun Star. Alien law, or space law...will not sustain, maintain, generate or re generate...true life.

At present, the only form of life, that is allowed existence, is the inhuman unjust law, where a Man is in limbo, not alive...yet not allowed to die off, and move on, to true life. With out Right Law, Man is left in the dark abyss of space, being forced to surrender his immaculate goodness and justified dignity, to the inhuman ideal, walking in an endless circle, in the eternal death march.

As far as anyone taking me seriously I am not sure what it is that you desire, in order to ascertain my credibility, according to your standard. You have mentioned multi-personality disorder. Personally, I do not believe such a disorder exists, and that those who have been identified with this so called problem, are merely actors attempting to con people. I am not a con artist, nor am I possessed by alien beings, from any world or sphere.

Who are the "they" that you speak of that wished to inform me regarding "alien law"? Are they not just another abstract of yourself? Wouldn't that make you a multi-personality being? Again, the way you word stuff is either way too abstract to be comprehensible to others, or just not based in the same reality that I experience. I see that the vast majority of humans are born naturally with good intent and a desire to do good. I'm having a hard time bridging the gap between what my reality presents to me and the reality you appear to be experiencing or at least describing.
They call themselves, My Own. We communicate by spiritual transmission. I suppose one, such as your self, would attempt to classify what I am expressing, as Transcendental Meditation, or something like that. The best way, to describe how I interact with Them, is like a radio. You must turn to a certain frequency, in order to get a certain transmission signal. You must have identical patterns, in order to communicate with My Own. They have told me, that my patterns are in perfect alignment. Which only means that we are able to communicate, I think.

I used to believe, that They are merely an abstract of My Self. Then, I began to realize that I could not comprehend the language they were using, I knew it sounded familiar though. They said, that I had a very bizarre memory situation, and that they could help me with it. Sometimes individuals that I am with will say things to me, and I will not hear them, until later. Sometimes hours later. Those who are used to this, simply go on with their conversation without me. Even though I do not remember that I am visiting with My Own, I know that is what has happened, because I receive more information, that I had been inquiring of them. It is very hard to explain. You do not have to understand, if I had not experienced these things, I would not understand.

Maiden, are you a native american? If so, to which tribe did you belong? I'm also curious if your clothing style is similiar or different from what us common creations wear. What else distinguishes you from us aliens?
Because I am free, to be My Self I am not burdened with any tribe or the color of lost tribal law, I am unclad and presented to you gloriously naked.

The identifying mark, that separate My Own, from you and your own, is that we are beautiful fully exposed and naked. You must cover over your embodiments and deeds, with all that is time consuming and expensive, in order to cover over your hideous embodiments and toxic forms.

You are evasive as you are mysterious. I find your explanations obfuscating. Are you ever able to answer a question or query directly with muddling around or trying to perplex everyone else. Instead of clarity, you bring cloud. You're like the Joker and the Riddler all in one. How do you travel? Do you drive or fly? Do you eat food? How do you obtain your food? Do you sleep to gain rest? When do you sleep and how do you sleep? Do you read books? What books do you read? Do you go to the library? What's a normal day like in the life of Maiden?
Because I am free, to be My Self I am not burdened with any tribe or the color of lost tribal law, I am unclad and presented to you gloriously naked.

Cool deal! Giggily giggily... (Family Guy)
Native does not legitimize a variant perception. When anyone leaves the norm, we look at them. There is a standard norm. Outside of that norm are people that wear their underwear on the outside, aluminum foil on their heads so the aliens cannot hear their thoughts. However, we allow them their space so long as they do not harm me/us. To them it is normal and cool by me. But when that deviation gets to large, ... i still love them, but I encourage them to stay on their side of the street and not scream into the fireplace thinking God hears it. He is probably busy, ....being polygamous :) hahahaha

Everyone is cool......


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