Hey everybody,

I am currently working on a project where I video interview all the gay mormons I can find.  I believe that sharing our stories makes all the difference in this political and religious climate.  The suicide rate among young gay mormons is far above that of the general population. 

 Most mormons are good people, they are just uneducated.  Once they know us, the myths just melt away.  If you know a gay mormon/ex-mormon who would like to share their story on my youtube page just let me know and I'll try to set up something.  To view stories I've already posted visit :  YouTube - MorMenLikeMe's Channel  or
my facebook group: Facebook | MorMenLikeMe

xoxo,  Don 

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Thanks for joining Don. I have seen a few of your videos and find them very helpful. There are a few LGBT members on here who could probably help in this cause.
I just watched the Clark Johnsen videos. What an awesome interview! I aspire to one day be as well adjusted as he seems to be.
I suggest visiting Signing for Something at www.signingforsomething.org There are at least several dozen letters posted there by gay Mormons, but unfortunately, there is no index or anything. A person would have to skim the letters (and there are about 600, I think). If you find any letters there of folks you would like to try to contact, please let me know, as I might have contact information for them.
This looks like a great project, Don!
Don I have watched most of your interviews on youtube and just want to thank you for helping me to understand other better. I grew up with the typical conservative mormon views but after my disaffection with the church my views on just about everything have changed. Thank you for your work and I hope that other will be able to become more loving to others.


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