I'm new and sure this has been discussed, but hope it is okay to revisit this topic. 

I can't say my wife was the first woman I ever had sex with, but still I couldn't wait for the day when I could be with a woman, no guilt and watching Mrs. sexy parade around the house.

It hadn't hit me how much the garments were going to affect all of that.  I was the perfect Mormon at the time, but was instantly resentful that the church I belonged to was in my bedroom.  I don't think I got the Memo and hadn't fully realized that these things went under the bra and panties. Not to mention the psychological trama of having my new wife wearing the exact same underwear as my Mom and mother-in-law.

I also had to abondon my own garments long before I ever left the church.  I couldn't sleep in them to save my soul (pun intended).  During the day it was just as bad and after a miserable first year, I started just using them for dressing up.  By some strange logic, I decided wearing no underwear was better than actually buying heathen underwear and less likely to get noticed by fellow Mormons.  It really is strange what happens, when we try to coform to the silly things religions ask us to do. 

Just wondering if anyone else had the same feellings that early after being married.

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I dreaded getting garments and HATED them from the moment I put them on. I tried to be optimistic beforehand - maybe it's just like wearing shorts and a t-shirt. But no. They are uncomfortable, ugly, and bulky. Now I don't feel like it really effected my sex life that much. But I missed cute underwear, feeling sexy, and just being comfortable.

Garments were one of things about the church that really creeped me out and started me thinking. First of all, why on earth would God give two shits what kind of underwear I am wearing? That has nothing to do with the quality of my character, how I love others, or how I serve God. But even if it mattered on some level, why is it such a big freaking deal if you don't wear them? I mean people are almost more upset about not wearing garments than not going to church or breaking the Word of Wisdom. Why did I have to overcome such total brainwashing to take them off? I really didn't get it. It was like IMPERATIVE to everyone that you wear them AT ALL TIMES, but no one knows WHY. It's weird.

I too took of the garments wayy before I left the church for good but after I stopped believing it was all literally true or God's One True Church. Pretty much it was the first thing to go and I have never looked back. :D

I saw my parents in them as a kid and yeah I thought man, they're ugly. Also they were a huge shock to me when I received mine. I didn't get any notice other than what I saw. My mom bought me normal girls' panties and bras. In fact, she paraded my first training bra in front of all the family one Xmas. (I wanted to die!) They are uncomfortable; unsexy. In fact I didn't feel sexy at all, and had to like pretend that I didn't have them to have relations with my husband.

Always hated garments, and was especially sad to see my husband cover up is lithe, muscly body in the feminine-looking mesh garms.


Now that I'm out, and my husband is still in, I have made a huge point out of how anti-sex those ridiculous garments are. There is something very sensual about skin against skin. There is nothing but a turn-off about skin aginst mesh garments. So, when he really wants it bad, he takes them off and parades around in some silky boxers I bought him.


He is now probably willing to go straight to hell with me if just for the sight of me in my sexy gentile lingerie :)


No wonder the men who hold the strings of power in the church make wearing garments a deal=breaker.

I have a pretty extreme dislike for my TBM wife's garments. I feel the church coming between our intimacy all the time. They come off for a short time and then right back on after "the act." And just a little stroking (without leading futher), which we both enjoy, is seriously curtailed by the damned things. HATE them!
Okay, summertime is perfect for summer dresses and no undies.  Let the air fly through!  It's a beautiful time of year, and unless the dress is close fitting, it makes no sense whatsoever to wear anything under it.  The garment thing always baffled me.  Put a bra and panties on top of those sweat ridden things?  I mean, what for?  And everybody at church KNEW who'd been through the temple or not, and knew what to look for in clothing.  What a very very strange religion, I must say.  Why do they say "Brethren, stay out of the bedroom", and then tell you to wear those things to sleep in?  Oh, and all my years of nursing, the old fellas, 90's and so, would wear the one piecers, and take one leg out at a time to wash.  I kid you not.
My ex-mo mother in law used to give my ex hubby and I Christmas Garments.  Oh the Joy of getting religious underwear from your mother in law for Christmas.  Time to open the presents.  Oh boy we got Christmas Garmies again this year...yippee!  One Thanksgiving (after I had stopped wearing the wedgie wear)  she gave me the friendly garmie check rub down on my back then snidely and loudly said, "Well, I WAS going to give you garments this year for Christmas.  But I see that you won't be using them!  

Hahahaha!  Hilarious!

I can't believe she gave you garments!  That's insane!

You tell a funny story, Luminescent.  Haven't laughed this much in months.  Had to read your post in sections, in between bouts of laughter.
Luminescent, I'd start buying my mom in law underwear for Christmas, and see how much she enjoys opening the package.  Do not vary from this.  Do this every year, and throw in her birthday as well.  Keep it up until she's six feet under.
She's my ex-mo in law now.  But it would be great to send her something in the mail eh?  :))  Perhaps a red thong with masonic symbols specially embroidered on it.  The red of course would be symbolizing Christ coming back in his blood stained robe. 

See my main post about me thinking it was a sin to have sex without garments.

Wedgy wear is indeed a good name.  Because of that, I always wore them 4 sizes larger than what was recommended for me.  Sloppy and extra ugly, but at least no weggies.

Thank you for the topic! Garments are hainuss! Just gross! I wore them for a little over 2 years! So i waited like a good little mormon girl to have sex till my temple marraige.....and talk about killingthe mood! I can finally have sex and i dont feel sexy at all! I feel frumpy like my grandma! Plus they are sooo hot! I live in a hot climate and its aweful to have to wear so much clothes! So when i decided i didnt believe and wasnt going to follow all the rules anymore even with the consiquences from my friends and family.... I took off my garments!!!!! I bagged them up and did a skip jump parade out to the garbage can and proudly hurled the bag of hidious white marked frumpy underwear in the big beautiful beast!!!! It was quite triumphant of a feat! And oh no.......i didnt even cut them up..........lol


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