Apparently this question is googled around 1600 a month.  When I was LDS, I certainly didn't consider myself "weird", but I did recognize how some of our beliefs and practices would be considered as such.  Now that I'm on the outside looking in, it is much easier to identify the unique Mormon weirdness.  Shall we name the ways?  Fortunately we already have a good list of weird beliefs here: 101 nonpublic or weird beliefs of Mormons.  That list mostly identifies weird or less public beliefs, but it is primarily those beliefs and the black and white, little gray area thinking, that Mormon weirdness stems from.  I think that the question above is likely more interested in weird behaviors of Mormons and why.  We can certainly detail more of those here.  Below are some I came up with.  Please add yours.

  • Ulterior motive friendships that end abruptly when the friended potential convert clarifies that he/she has no interest in converting to Mormonism - Reason: Mormons primarily only have fellow Mormons as close friends so if someone doesn't appear to be progressing or interested in converting, goodbye.
  • Mormons often start acting weird or uncomfortable around "immodestly" dressed people, fiddling their hands, nervousness, staring, shifty eyes or suddenly leaving the room - Reason: Sexual Repression
  • Snobbishness at weddings or parties where alcohol is served, as though they are somehow better or more righteous than those who would stoop to indulge in alcohol, "I can't. I'm Mormon!" - Reason: Word of Wisdom says no booze or alcohol, believed to be a tool of Satan

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Is cleanflix still a thing?  I remember they would chop up your VHS to remove all the naughty bits.  It was a huge deal with Titanic and the "drawing scene."

Because Mormons are FUCKED in the head, and they dont think their SHIT stinks, simple as that.

Do not play cards

Some feel magic is a door that lets Satan in

Do not participate in a Hypnotism show

Do not wear a mask to a church Halloween party

Do not eat chocolate

Do not drink cola or other drinks that contain caffeine

If you do not have a current temple recommend you will not get into the Celestial Kingdom


"Do not eat chocolate"????? Never heard of that one before - and should it be one of the "don'ts" I know many TBM's who consume copious amounts of the stuff so I don't know where you got that one Dan. Perhaps someone can 'enlighten' me

I grew up like that too. Chocolate has minute amounts of caffeine, therefore, since caffeinated drinks were out, so was chocolate. The unspoken 'rules' changed for our stake somewhere around when I was 12-ish so my younger siblings developed a taste for it.

I heard the do -not -eat -chocolate too from an institute teacher.  I think it was his own personal opinion turned doctrine.  Funny how coffee, which can help asthmatics, can ban you from the temple but Monster and other Energy drinks, loaded with sugar and caffeine, is ignored.   Early church talks truly meant No HOT drinks, including soup, it was a suggestion not a commandment, etc.  And we look at it as what defines mormonism.  I thought we were to talk of Christ, not talk of D&C 89.

actually they say no to energy drinks too.... and the chocolate thing, never heard of it before here.

D&C actually says that it is not a commandment...but a word of advice. When did it become a commandment and why? Shouldn't it have been about personal interpretation? I don't think that alcohol is against the word of just means everything in small doses. that is just me though...


Because chocolate has caffine in it

Even though chocolate is out, I've seen members eat chocolate as though it were water. Especially those who've said "No" to caffeine. On Halloween, chocolate is eaten, same for Easter and X-mas, and everyone in the last few churches I've been to eats it.

Perpetual fear that they will be sent to a lesser kingdom for the littlest screw up like drinking coffee, seeing a nekkid lady (or guy), having a thought that is impure in any way, or doing something sinful.

I think the weirdest thing that I see a lot of Mormons do is be so unconvincingly kind with insincere smiles on their faces 24/7. This annoys the hell out of me because its so contrived. Perhaps, though, it is sincere and it only seems shallow because it is born out of ignorance of the harsh world we live in and a lack of empathy for those who allow themselves to accept reality and mourn every now and then.

For these Mormons, natural disasters are happy because there are more people to baptize in the temple and death is only ever a step to the next level, and not a loss for people who are alive. For all their feigned kindness, these are really some of the most inconsiderate and rude people in existence.

Also, hardly ever doing recreational or fun things with non-mormons (and never doing those things on Sundays) makes for a weird group.


And not drinking tea or coffee as if it were a commandment is kind of offensive to people who have 'rituals' around these drinks. Imagine someone visiting a sacrament meeting and saying, "oh, sorry, I don't eat bread."


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