I just have to share. I got my letter that states that I am no longer a sheep statistic for the cult. It's like all the guilt from sinning is long gone cause I am no longer a member of the cult. Wahoo!

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Glad to hear the good news.  Because I'm lazy, It took me way too long to mail my letter to them, but I finally got my act together, because I didn't want my name helping the cult statistics anymore. It's been 11 months since I got my letter from them.

The other reason was to keep them from bothering me.

Celebrate!  The truth shall set you free!
Congrats Stormy!
Hmm.. Had to think about because it was a bunch of things. I think the last straw was my Visiting Teacher. At the time, I just had major, major foot surgery (they basically rebuilt my foot). The doctor's order was to not do ANY weight barring for three months, so the bones could heal properly. I had gone through this once before with my other foot, so I knew the deal. My VT was actually pissed that I was not up and walking a couple weeks after. Her cousin had "the same" surgery and he was up and about. That REALLY, EXTREMELY pissed me off. Here I was, on heavy-duty drugs, in a wheelchair, and she was lecturing me about not healing fast  enough for her  opinion? NO THANK YOU!
I've never understood people that think they know enough about another person to tell them what to do.  It's impossible.  Even in situations that look identical, there's probably thousands of factors that could be different.

What do you know - my last straw was the pompous home teacher! He didn't hesitate to tell me that one of my health problems at the time was "from Satan" and that I needed a blessing to get over it. No - I needed medication. I gave him my copy of Rabbi Kushner's When Bad Things Happen to Good People and suggested he read it with an open mind. Then I sent in my letter. And then I was amazingly whole again!!!

Apparently Hubby remembers the situation going down differently, she was  confused more than anything. Shrug, I dunno, I remember being pissed/offended by her.

I know the feeling, Stormyfire.


Congrats!!! I know exactly how you feel :)
Congratulations! It was such a great feeling when I received mine.

Congrats!   We are working on our letters tonight.  I am so ready to officially be done. 


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