As I try my best to cater to the likes, wants and needs of our community, I would love to hear your thoughts on what layout you prefer for forum discussions: Threaded (replies appear indented under the post they clicked reply to, which is how the forum currently is), or Flat, where all replies are in chronological order regardless of which post the reply was to, making "Quotes" of previous replies more necessary to address the post you're responding to ( is a good example of a Flat chronological layout).

Comments on blogs, videos and photos are always in flat, chronological order, as are comments on profiles and group walls.

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I much prefer the present threaded layout.  Much easier to understand what is being replied to.  A large percentage of people do not quote or even mention the name of the person they are responding to.

I would also prefer threaded layout on blogs and profiles and group walls. 

It's easier to zero in on the newest responses in a flat layout. If I've been following it, I already know which points are being addressed -- like overhearing a conversation.

But threaded is useful when I find an exchange that's been in progress awhile.

Is there some wizardry that lets the viewer re-sort between the two?

But in the end, if you want to re-do the whole site in Dick Tracy Super Code, I'd still read it!


I like the option of being able to decide which way I want to view responses.  Thanks for reminding me Cora.

i suppose the way it is, is what I prefer.  I do however sometimes get frustrated when I get an email from following the thread to which I posted a comment and then I have no idea where the comment fits in.  Like who are they responding to, what comment is someone saying - agreed- to?  Because I have struggled with this, it has made me post things like "MikeUtah- I agree with you." so that when you get a random email you know I have directly responded to something you said on a thread. 

Thanks for the comment Roz.  The easiest way to find out who or what a reply was responding to is to click the link included in the email notification under the heading below.  Then it will take you straight to that new reply allowing you to scroll up and see what it was responding to.

To view the new reply, visit:


In my humble opinion, threaded is the best choice. The way you have it now. Makes the cause and effect factor easier to follow.

I rather like the threaded approach.



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