First Presidency Permission needed to do temple work for deceased excommunicated and resigned persons

I didn't know this, but it may be of assurance for when we die, that our living won't be able to immediately redo our temple work (not that it really matters).  From the Handbook of Instructions, page 23, section 3.7.9:


First Presidency approval is required to perform temple ordinances for deceased persons who, at the time of their death, were excommunicated or had their names removed from Church membership records. A letter should be written to the Office of the First Presidency. No form is required.

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Hmmm.  That is interesting.  I mean, they did the work for Hitler, right?  I wonder what circumstances exist under which the First Presidency would not approve it.
Ba ha ha! So, now the first presidency thinks that the spirits in the afterlife need their permission to be offered salvation! Geez, I wonder if they'll ever get off their high horse...

This rule is what provided the inspiration for me to write to the first presidency and specifically instruct them NOT to posthumously reinstate my temple work.  After a little bit of foot-dragging, stalling, and blame-shifting, the Family History Department agreed to put a copy of those instructions into my former membership file, essentially flagging it DO NOT BAPTIZE! 


All relevant information, including the full text of the letters that I sent/received, can be found on my blog at this link:



Interesting blog.  You should send this info to

From this day forward, every letter directing your name to be removed gtom the tecords of the LDS Church musyt also include the following paragraph:


I explicitly deny the LDS Church to do, or cause to be done, any Temple Work for me after my death.  I have asked my name to be removed from the Church rolls and expect that request to be honored in every way.  


The LDS leadership is so damned arrogant in all they do.





Here's one word of caution they may be considering. The wrath of Allah!

It may be related to this - because someone recently discovered that TSCC had done temple work for Mohamed  (Islam prophet).

The Muslims may be coming after LDS church leaders now.

(if Muslims get upset that a cartoonist makes a cartoon about Mohamed, just think what they'll do if they find out the mormons have baptized him. - yeooww!)

There are just too many stupid issues in LDS history and doctrine to hide anymore.



Mike Salt Lake is so busy placing their own finger in their ...ear that they don't have time to wash it even!! They never stop.
As this truth of their actions comes to fruition in the internet you'd better know that the Muslims will give me many hours of enjoyable entertainmentas they protect the
Ouch...No way!!  A matter of principle for me!

What?!?!?!   So if I formerly resign...which I haven't....then those bastards can and will RE-BAPTIZE me?!   The arrogance of the cult members is astounding. about just saying something like....God will figure it out.  I mean...he is smarter than us right!?  


Why, why, why was I born into this cult?  Why?  

So you could work thru the challenge of darkness and find the true light.


WELL DONE, ma cherie

Because I have now left the church and that it becomes a sin greater that death, I don't think anyone will be tapping me on the shoulder there in outer darkness and saying hey dude do ya want to try this again?
I'm actually not that concerned about them claiming me afterwards. I figure it might give my family comfort if they refuse to read anything. I also figure since they keep a record of you anyway, and since they most likely continue to count those who resign amongst members, it's not a big deal.
The big deal is sending a letter and proclaiming you are no longer a member. It reminds me of this Abraham Lincoln quote
‎"How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg."


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