Film in the works about Hinckley and the Mark Hofmann Episode

A film is now in pre-production about the Mark Hofmann episode. Mark

Hofmann was an active Mormon who forged documents and sold them to the Church

and others for profit. Hofmann wanted to prove the Church wong, probably to prove something to

his overbearing McConkite father. But, when Hofmann discovered he could beome rich via

his forgeries, it became about the money. When his debts got too big, and he needed to uby time,

he killed two innocent people with pipe-bombs, and was on his way to kill a third, when he dropped his own bomb and injured himself. The prosecutor wanted to give him a death sentence, but Hinckley pressured him into offering Hofmann a "deal" of 5 years to life, because Hinckley did not want to testify at the trial and be asked embarassing questions such as:

*who authorized that the Church arrange for a 185,000 dollar loan for Hofmann, without collatoral, from First Interstate Bank?

*You claim to be a Prophet with the spirit of discernment, but did you not buy forgeries for five years? Why couldn't you discern Hofmann?

Etc. Hofmann is still in prison because after he was in prison for a few months he tried to get other inmates, who were leaving prison soon, to murder the members of the Parole Board. Thus, his Parole has consistently been revoked for the last 27 years.

The title of the film has not been determined. Some have suggested  THE MAN WHO FOOLED GOD, since it was believed in the 1980s, thanks to McConkie's MORMON DOCTRINE, that to fool the Living Prophet was as possible as fooling God Himself (i.e. it was not possible). The film will NOT be kind to Church leaders who were involved with Hofmann at the time: Hinckley, Oaks, and Pinnock. Only Oaks is alive today. The film has not begun shooting yet. Funding has not yet been gotten, but a script is written.

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Sounds interesting.  I just started reading "The Mormon Murders" again.


I look forward to watching it

Read that book when I was TBM. Had tons of ??? But just put them up on the shelf. Glad I opened my eyes...


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