Please help me understand your experience navigating LifeAfterMormonism through the questions below about the navigation/menu bar across the top of every page under the logo.

  1. Does the navigation menu contain too many links, causing confusion or feelings of being overwhelmed?
  2. Do you use the drop down menus to navigate or add new posts?
  3. Would making the navigation menu larger make it easier to navigate or notice?
  4. Would you prefer more or less options on the navigation menu?
  5. What do you find most challenging about navigating Life After Mormonism?
  6. Do you spend less time here due to difficulty navigating the site?

Feel free to elaborate or provide as much feedback as you want/can.  I'm all about making this site navigation as easy and intuitive as possible for all.

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I think your navigation bar is fine. However, in the beginning it took me forever to figure out what LAM stood for. Perhaps on your "LAM Store" tab, you could just have "Store."

1.  For me, the navigation menu is good as it is. 

2.  I do use the drop down menus to navigate and add new posts.

3.  I think making the menu larger would make it easier, but I've never had trouble because of it's size.

4.  I would prefer more options, but I'm geeky that way.

5.  When I first joined LAM, I had no idea what the difference between" Forum, "Blogs", and "Groups" were, and didn't know where to post different things.  You gave me a good idea of the difference, but I'm not sure where I put your reply, so now I'm still not sure about the difference between Blogs and Forums.  I'd like to see an easy-to-spot explanation on LAM of the differences.  I think it would be especially helpful to people that hadn't done much on the internet.

6.  I don't spend less time here due to difficulty navigating, at least consciously.

What other options would you want in the navigation menu?


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