I occasionally here the complaint that LAM is a difficult site to navigate.  Perhaps my familiarity with the site blinds me to how it would be difficult to navigate.  Please share why learning the layout of LAM has been difficult for you, and what suggestions you may have to simplify browsing and participating here.

Big thanks in advance!
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No problems at all - so used to things "changing" that one just learns to navigate until you "get it" ---and then things change again...that's life. On the other hand I am not that clued up with things technological - so rather just keep my opinions to myself

I haven't had any emails from LAM for quite some time.  I'm assuming people are still posting.  From other sites I get updates and feedback from everyone posting there.  That doesn't happen here.

You may want to review your Email Notifications under the My Page menu and see what types of posts/replies you're signed up for email notifications on.

Would a tutorial video be helpful?  Anyone know how to make one?

YES!!  For someone like me, that would be most helpful!  :)

I have no problems with the site.  Maybe a few more option (not new services) in the info bar.  I like the site.



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