Let's all share our two favorite word of wisdom breakers:

Mine are a hot cup of coffee(cream and sugar plz), and a Mojito.

I am mostly just a social drinker although my dad probably thinks I am "addicted" since he recently asked if we give alcohol and coffee to our kids. WTF??? Of course we don't give them alcohol. I drink a cup of coffee every other day or so. Cappuccinos are also yummy!

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LMAO! Typical.

My number one WOW breaker is espresso:) Peppermint mocha lattes..hot or iced...they are awesome:) Last December Chris and I went to NY for the first time and we found this little cafe with a heated outdoor terrace...we drank espresso and ate tiramisu (best thing I did in NY). I could've sat there forever.

My number 2 is up in the air at this point. I haven't really experimented too much with alcohol mainly because I am so intimidated when i go to the store to buy anything. The FIRST time I decided to buy something I was standing in front of the long aisle trying to decide what to buy and one of the Relief Society pres women saw me and came right up to me to ask why I wasn't going to church...lol. I decided to abandon mission ETOH that day:) We've only tried wines and some beer. Everyone at work was shocked to hear that I've never been drunk. Truth be told, I'd like to get drunk one of these days.
Aside from my comment in your direction below, a couple of suggestions:

When you decided "today's the day I'm getting drunk", try it with vodka and the mixer of your choice. And don't get the cheap stuff (like AVOID Smirnoff, please). Orange juice or cranberry juice are great mixers. As mentioned below, I enjoy it with soda/seltzer or sometimes tonic.

Suggestion #2: Next time you're in a place where adult beverages are being sold, try a glass of port or sherry (again, comments below) to see how you like it. I'd recommend "Dry Sack" and "Harvey's Bristol Cream"

Good luck and have fun! And call up the RS Pres & invite her over for a drink! She could use one...
Thanks for the suggestions:) I'll let you know how it goes when I decide to take the plunge;)
Okay this is so funny to me because this almost exact thing happened to me. LOL I will just stand there in front of the wine just staring and it all and I had no clue! LOL I asked a girl in the isle, she couldn't believe I had never drank before, after she got over her shock she handed me Bellagio Red Wine. Delicious. hehe Oh and after I bought wine someone from RS ran into me and gave me the stink eye... lol oh yeah

I love my Starbucks Carmel Latte... yummy.. and I wish I could go to NY and find that cafe you talk about! It sounds so nice! I also like Mikes hard Lemonade and Raspberry flavors :)
Carmel mochiato (spelling?) and a top shelf strawberry margarita!
Since I'm divorced and love dancing to heavier music, I like trying different kinds of alchohol at Area51, (a club in SLC)...I like Patron Tequilla, Shadow Specials and for beer I like bud light...Recently I tried a "German Chocolate Cake"...It actually tastes like the name implies! I was pleasantly surprized :) ...
Overheard at a truck stop: "Cream and sugar are for people who don't like coffee." LOL! Anyway, I did use cream & sugar at first and still do, sometimes. But I like my coffee black and I prefer Douwe Egberts coffee from the Netherlands. You can find it online and you can find it in many restaurants (I discovered it as a staff musician at Harrah's Casino in New Orleans, where it was the coffee served) but, unless some of you have experienced otherwise, ya can't get it at the grocery store! I'll drink Folgers in a pinch, but PLEASE don't serve Maxwell House. Blech.

Oh, and I love port and sherry, especially Harvey's Bristol Cream. In fact, I might have a Harvey's as soon as I hit the save button!

My "adult beverage" of choice lately has been a nice dark, malty beer with a chocolate finish. I really like "Young's Double Chocolate". Occasionally I'll have a vodka & soda and even more rarely, I'll treat myself to a Drambuie, a dessert liqueur that will definitely take you where you want to go.

Immediately, which is to say IMMEDIATELY following my exit from TSCC, I went on the road with Delbert McClinton's excellent R&B band out of Texas (he's out of Nashville now) and we were sponsored by Miller Genuine Draft, which means we had it for free at the bars we played in and on the band bus. Which is to say we had it all the time, as much as we could drink! A good way to "close the deal" on the aforementioned exit. But now I can hardly look at the stuff. Another quick story: one evening I lost track of the Southern Comfort on ice's I was drinking and wound up chatting on the big white telephone. So I REALLY can't look at a bottle o' Southern Comfort anymore! Nowadays, I drink on average one or two adult beverages a week.

To Cristina: Being drunk is fun! Being hung over sucks!

My TBM mother is real great about keeping a box of Folgers coffee bags (like tea bags) at her house for when my wife and I visit. And she never says a word when we're out for dinner and I have a beer. And my TBM sis & brother-in-law gave us a bag of really nice caramel-flavored coffee and a box of chocolate-covered spoons for stirring into said coffee for Christmas. I've been out for 20+ years, and so I think they've figured out that a re-conversion on my part is pretty much out of the equation. They really are great people. All of us were converts. I was first in (1974) and first out (1988). Two daughters followed suit.

Thanks for the thread, Micah, it's been fun!
Duh...paragraphs 2 & 3 above are in reverse order.
Coffee, coffee, coffee! I also like trying just about every mixed drink out there. A mojito is one I haven't tried yet, though. And I also like a nice glass of wine :)
Actually, these restriction were added by Brigham Young, not Joseph Young. Joseph Smith liked his occasional alcoholic drink so those that choose to believe in the original preachin' should be more lenient on those of us who do also. And the "law" being applied to coffe and tea is a misnomer as it says only hot drinks, and nothing specific was mentioned.

As for my favorites, Kahlua type drinks in coffee. There's one called Monarch Royale that's a coffee liquor that's better than Kahlua, and also Bailey's, are my top two. Add to that, for a 2nd that's on everyone's hit list, and I don't mean the good one, is my cigarettes!!! Don't you dare get on my case about that one. I know all the arguments and still can't (won't) break the habit! You should all thank me! Look how much I help this state by paying sin tax!!!!!
My favorite WOW breaking activity is wine! I love wine! I have been on wine tours in Napa Valley and in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. It's so delightful I also love a good margarita during the Summer time on a patio. My second favorite is hot tea. I have a cabinet full of various teas. My favorite of those is a pomegranate green tea, I'm so glad I discovered this!
I love wine too!

The first thing in the morning though it's my French Press brewing up some roasted Sumatra fairtrade. Cream Please.

I know I'm new here. but, I didn't notice anyone talking about herb. The Gift. :-) Is it just me? Although, admittedly Ganja was never mentioned in the wow.


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