How have you expanded your wardrobe once you forever took of your garments and what are your favorite non-garment covering clothes or that of your spouse?

I took off my Gs the same day I concluded the church was false and that Jesus wasn't my personal savior. My wife stopped wearing hers completely a month or so later. We both enjoy wearing tank tops. She has also added "a little black dress" to her collection for special occasions. We occasionally sleep naked now which is a nice change to spice up the bedroom. I generally sleep without a shirt on. My wife is enjoying form fitting clothes that fit properly instead of the mormon frump look because of all of the layers and buying bigger sizes to hide the female form etc.

How about the rest of you?

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Normal underwear! You know...something with a little color, without magical markings, and which don't pretend to be some kind of faith-based body armor.
I never had garments, but as far as the modesty rules go, I love sleeveless anything, not being paranoid about cleavage, and not having to hunt down knee-length shorts!
Bikinis, tank tops, "real shorts" and shorter skirts. I also love to sleep naked and just the lighter feel of cloths without g's underneath!
I totally agree Amel! I feel like I'm a teen again, experiencing the adult and modern world for the first time!
LOL! It's true.

But it kind of sucks for some things. Like when I'm nearly 30 years old and go into a bar and just kind of stand there and have no idea what to say or what to order. That's when I feel like a little kid, and not in a good way.

As for clothing, my favorite part of being exmo is having a gf who can wear short-shorts, tank tops, etc. Mmmm!
"As for clothing, my favorite part of being exmo is having a gf who can wear short-shorts, tank tops, etc. Mmmm!"

I totally agree with this! My wife is so much hotter looking now in tanks, short shorts, tight form fitting clothes, bikinis and such!
I also feel like a teenager again...well maybe i should say I feel young for the first time!! I spent my teen years completely involved with the YW program...didn't do too much of anything else. I was in EVERY weekend by 11pm. "The devil comes out at midnight" I remember when I was 17 my parents let me visit my cousin who was at UF ( 5 hours away). I had some friends (and a guy I liked a lot) who lived in Gainesville so I went out with them one night. I called and asked my cousin what time I needed to be home. He totally laughed at me and said, "You're parents are too strict!! I don't care what time you come home!" That was the first night of freedom I had EVER. That was my one night I felt I was actually a teenager having fun. I can say that this experience of leaving the church has been comparable to the freedom I felt that night:)
I was so happy to get out of those sweaty, binding, unnatural things that I didn't wear underwear for years.....
3 things:

--"real" underwear (I like the European-style "trunk" cut)
--shorts in the summer
--loose-fitting Hawaiian shirts sans undershirt

Living a real life on its own terms is so much better than living a false life on anyone else's terms!
You younguns, don't know how rough we oldtimers had it. Wearin' two piece garments! Why back in my day they were all one piece, baggy and bulky.
During the cold midwinter I did wear old timey garments, the original one piece, buttons and Peter-Pan collar (no, I'm not kidding). I still wear baggy underwear but no teeshirt. I never minded wearing garments except when doing what the church said I shouldn't. Well, since adding tattoos after my exodus I like wearing tank tops to show them off.....and I enjoy sleepin' nekked.
I never was a fan of garments and rarely wore them anyways! The nicest thing was when my husband decided to get rid of his! I went and bought him some boxers and I think they are adorable.... soooooo much sexier than garments. I also LOVE not having to wash or fold those nasty things. They were so ugly! After about a month they were discolored and stretched and just gross!

I do look forward to wearing to short shorts this summer and tank tops. I will say that I still feel very self conscience in a tank top. Not at home necessarily but around other people I feel completely exposed! It's so's a shoulder!
Luckily I never got to wear garments, but as a young woman it was a constant 'modesty' battle every day! My dad, some relief society busy-body, YW leaders etc. Even to the point of my supposedly troweled on make-up and ankle breaking shoes! I think my whole wardrobe now would be considered 'immodest' !! However, I still feel ever so conscious of showing too much skin or wearing things too tight.
Little secret.... after the end of an abusive relationship I was left with no money, nothing! So in order to survive I did a stint of lap dancing for cash in hand, that was a morally bazzar experience!!!!!


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