Exmormon Foundation Conference Bulletin: Pleased to announce.....GRANT PALMER

The Board of the Exmormon Foundation is VERY pleased to let you know that GRANT PALMER, author of "Insider's View of Mormonism" will be a featured speaker at our yearly Conference in Salt Lake City. Recommendations to book him have probably been #1 on the list of requests I've received over several years.  We are very excited to have him share his story with us.
As soon as I complete one more booking for the agenda, it will be posted up on our web site, www.exmormonfoundation.org .  Presently you will find the dates and times, and some information about the venue.  We will be at the same hotel, but it is no longer "Embassy Suites".  It has changed to "Double Tree Suites.  The phone number for reservations is the same, and you will find that information on the Home Page info, and the 2nd page of Conference information -- which is where you will see the full agenda within a few days.  I will let everyone know when that's up.
Looking forward to another informative and fun weekend.  Hope you can join us!

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It is good to see more information shared by solid qualified people against the kook-aid drinking group of yay-hoo people that call themselves the LDS.  They have perverted more belief systems and hurt  and confused more people.  

Stay strong and be the best you can be at all times.  You decide!

I know this post is true.  I prayed about it and say this in the name of  my 2 tb drive,


Would like to attend,

but salt lake...no thanks.


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