Exmo Radio Show Survey

The purpose of this survey is to help the host improve certain aspects of the show. When filling out this survey PLEASE copy/paste and email me PRIVATELY with your answers.

My email address is: ExmormonRadio@yahoo.com

Please take into account that there are certain things that I can’t control. I will be keeping this survey going until September 1st. My goal is to get a higher listenership DURING
the show rather than have people listen later. Please feel free to send copies
of this survey to all of your Exmormon friends and family members along with a
link to the show so that they can have a chance to listen to the archived shows
and then fill out the survey. Feel free to be open, honest and frank!

The show link is: www.blogtalkradio.com/javas_mom

The show is scheduled generally on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month at 10 AM PST. However, due to my sometimes changing schedule and certain holidays, I have need to move the show around to other
days and times.


1. What is your overall opinion of the show?


2. What is your opinion of the length of the show?


3. Is the day and time a good slot for the show?


4. Would you change the day and time? If so, to what (i.e. Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon, etc)?


5. What would you keep in the show?


6. What would you change about the show?


Thank you so much for your participation and willingness to share your opinions so I can make the show even better! I’m looking forward to hearing from as many of you as I can!

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I sent an invite to all registered users of LAM. I'll send you my answers as well.


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