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I'm in Canada. I have a friend, who is still Mormon, who'd recently married a Mormon fellow in the States. Her records had not yet been transferred into her new ward. She couldn't get to her old ward in Canada in time to have interviews with both the Bishop and Stake President to renew her temple recommend. The Bishop in her new ward offered to give her a recommend interview, but the Bishop in the old ward refused to accept that. So, even though worthy, she ended up sitting in the temple reception room with me, the ex-Mormon.

During the reception, she and I were pretty much ignored. There were a few friends who sat at a table with us, but her family, her son's friends and everyone else in the room completely ignored us. We might as well have been invisible. The groom, who I've known since he was about 3 hours old, and who has always considered me to be his auntie, hugged me, but didn't even bother to introduce me to his new wife.

The stories of families being left out of their children's weddings are heartbreaking. I was just sitting here crying after reading one of them. But, I have to wonder what would happen if the Church did agree to allow a civil wedding first. Even if the Church said, "Okay, you can do it if you want to, and not have to wait a year before you're sealed," would members not just still put pressure on the couple to resist doing that? They would say that it's not legally necessary, and that it's a mockery of the "real" ceremony.

I have to wonder just how many TBM couples would actually take advantage of that opportunity. Then it would cause even more pain to a parent, knowing that their child could allow them to attend their weddings, but refused to do so because of pressure put on them not to do it that way.
Thank you for sharing your story Leslie. Would you mind if I posted it to the website too?
No, I don't mind. Go ahead. :o)


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