In a thread I started on PostMormon to brainstorm ideas for exmo apparel designs, it was suggested that we should create a logo that would only be recognizable to exmormons as a symbol of our breaking away, such that other exmos could/would come to recognize it, but mormons and others wouldn't know what it is and so wouldn't take offense.  One theme and logo I came up with is "Dared 2 Doubt" or "Dare 2 Doubt" with DIID/D2D as the acronym for the logo, as seen in the preliminary design below.

Please share your thoughts on this theme and logo, and if you have other themes/logos in mind, please share your creations as well.  

More options:

Crafted some more:

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Very clever and I like it very much......however, I doubt (pardon the pun) very much whether it would remain a secret very long - like with most things in life, secrets have a way of "coming out" . Anyway, I personally believe it should not be a secret (lived with too many of those) and whatever one choses to display it should be something you are proud to wear without being insulting. My tuppence worth - btw great logo.

Love that!

It is a good logo Mike, but not everyone is into wearing logo apparel. Maybe, you can put the logos on bumper stickers. Plus that would be a way that ex mos can identify each other in the world.

Yes, I definitely plan to have a variety of options for displaying the logo.

Love the Logo!  it is so dynamic, powerful, and symbolic of questioning all forms of tyranny...religious or governmental...(which in many cases is the same.)  Yes, the logo would leak out to members, but that's ok it would take a while and would indeed be a conversation starter (if you wanted to go there.)

2 thumbs up on this one!  :o)


Thanks!  I realize google's only a couple clicks away for anyone wondering what "DIID" stands for, and which likely has few matching searches.  Until then, it will be a fun symbol of our breaking away.  Here are some additional renditions:

Of course, when someone needs to go to the church food bank to get a food order, they will need a temporary bumper sticker to place over the logo, or at least along  side the logo, which could be quite confusing for spies. The temporary sticker can say, "I am proud to be a Mormon

It's not original, but I wear I cap I purchased at a local pet store that says 'obedience school dropout'.  I'm still waiting for the first person to come up and say, "Ex-Mormon, huh?"  But I hope for it.

I love the Dare to doubt....and breaking away from chains. Great symbol!


Love this.  I like the top one, without the white light stripes, and the second one, if it were solid black like the top.  

Thanks for the feedback.  Another commented on not liking the reflective stripe (light area).  I'll either offer both designs, or just stick with the solid black Ds.

I'm already a Big fan of it! Great idea. I like the solid black much better.


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