In a thread I started on PostMormon to brainstorm ideas for exmo apparel designs, it was suggested that we should create a logo that would only be recognizable to exmormons as a symbol of our breaking away, such that other exmos could/would come to recognize it, but mormons and others wouldn't know what it is and so wouldn't take offense.  One theme and logo I came up with is "Dared 2 Doubt" or "Dare 2 Doubt" with DIID/D2D as the acronym for the logo, as seen in the preliminary design below.

Please share your thoughts on this theme and logo, and if you have other themes/logos in mind, please share your creations as well.  

More options:

Crafted some more:

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Love it and would buy it in one form or another   I would love to have someone recognize it and ask or not recognize it and ask about its meaning.  I never walk away from a conversation about the freedom I have found and the love and happiness that I have found since leaving the brainwashing establishment more than 15 years ago. 

I've added some products with the original D2D logo here:

I hope to get more added tomorrow and in the coming week.

Ok, sign me up! where do I we order!?! :o)

I want a t-shirt with the first one and the last one. The first one just looks awesome and funky...people will think it is some new rock band or something hahahaaa. And the last one is such a great statement. It reminds me of something the Occupier's would ware.

My goal is sometime today on the other logo with the catch phrase.

OOOPS -  I didn't see the order form... they look great!  when will the others be on line??

Okay, I've got more more designs and products added with both D2D and D2D + Catch Phrase in the new store: Apostate Apparel (changed name to be more for the whole exmo community and not just LAM).  I'm willing to take custom requests if they don't get too burdensome.

I love the 2nd one logo "Free At Last"  that logo is quite impressive with a very unique design.
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