I am into the 3rd chapter of The Christian Delusion, Why Faith Fails, edited by John w Loftus. There are some excellent psychological examples of how your brain works and the biases we carry. It is important that we do not close our minds to evidence that is opposite to your beliefs just so we can save face or prolong a false since of security.You may want to get a copy foryour self. Whether you agree or disagree it always  good to know the enemy. These are every day concepts that we should apply to all facets of life.

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I think reading a persons way to reason is wonderful. I hear a lot of recomendations on books to read on this and other sites. I am not sure I need any reassurance or reinforcement on that subject.

I will admit to an odd fascination with the Historical Bible and learning anything I can on who actually wrote what and the politicall realities at the time verses new scripture written to prop up political realities. I find it interesting that when the Romans sacked the temple they found objects of idol worship still going on, even inside the temple. I am fascinated by the small details and the real story behind the fiction, but beyond that I tend to have a jaded view of anyone else's opinion on religion as being the same as Joeseph Smith, regardless of what they are selling. Everyone travels their own path. No concencious is needed in finding your way to the next level. I only speak to what is right for me and my journey.

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