Ex-Mormons being sought for non-fiction Television Production documentary possibility

I am in contact with a television production company who is investigating the stories of people who are leaving or have left Mormonism.  Below is the inquiry they asked me to post.  If you fall under the description of what they are looking for, please friend "yourstories" here on LAM and message them your submission.  You can post your story here if you want, but may want to keep your age and name anonymous for privacy concerns.


Television production company specializing in nonfiction programming seeking “ex”-Mormons willing to speak to us about why they left or are in the process of leaving the Mormon church for documentary-style series.

Please get in touch with us if you are:
--- currently re-evaluating your faith and thinking of leaving the church
--- or, have recently left and are starting the process of re-building outside of the church

We want to know: was your leaving initiated because of problems within the church -- either on faith, morals, or some church practice? Was the journey a long or short one? How long ago? And what sort of difficulties and challenges are you facing now? What’s changed in your lifestyle?

If this is something you might be interested in discussing, and would allow us to follow you through some of this journey on television, please provide the following information:
--- your name and age
--- a brief bio that gives us a sense of your story
--- preferred contact information

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It would be nice to know more about the requester.

They are fairly early in development stages for a documentary-style series, and at this point they're just gauging interest in the ex-Mormon community.  The greater number of responses we can provide, perhaps the higher chances of them going forward with the production.  "Yourstories" will hopefully respond with more details to any questions.

If you have more questions or want to know more about the project's particulars, feel free to message me. I'd be happy to answer anything I can! Best.

Hey 'your stories'! I sent you a friend request but here is the abbreviated version of MY story! I SO want to be part of this I can't even begin to tell you! This is something I have thought needs to be done for quite a while and I am SO glad you are doing it!

I was born into the church....in Utah no less. Pretty standard LDS upbringing until my parents divorced when I was a kid. I got a pretty good look at how church members treat eternally damaged goods....not very Christ-like and I became very confused with the definition of that term. Of course as we all know questioning the 'one true church' is taboo so I didn't question, grew up, married a returned missionary, got a brand new beautiful home in a prominent LDS performing community in Branson MO. Then the abuse began. About 90 percent of it was based on my lack of ability to be the perfect Mormon wife and for my inability to just accept and my need to ask questions. That doesn't fly well with the devout crowd. Long story short, when I had had enough, I left. Gave up good paying performing work, a beautiful home, shocked and appalled our church community and left all I knew to accept a job performing on cruise ships and find myself. I tried staying Mormon but realized the world outside the church is a much more accepting, open, loving not to mention vibrant and colorful place. The judgment, fear, ostracism and cult like mentality did not exist anymore. It was when I realized I did not need the approval of the LDS community anymore that I made the decision to get my name removed from the records. It felt like leaving a cult with the hoops you jump through....My father and a brother almost disowned me in the process but surprisingly left themselves shortly after. The added research I had done learning the true nature of the churches beginnings and the REAL history only fueled my desire to detach from everything to do with it and all religions. I left and shortly after met my second husband....an atheist, which ironically terrified me! I was more than thrilled though, to find him the most unconditional, kind, compassionate and REAL person I have ever met. He has ironically reshaped my ideas of what 'Christlike' really means. I live in NY now... I am chasing dreams, living life, finding real meaning and happiness, the kind the church promises ONLY if you follow their every demand. I won't live like that ever again. There is so much more.... I want to share ever aspect of my story and think more Ex Mormons should! I desperately want to be part of this documentary! Please choose me to tell my story!

My name is John Piper and I would love to get involved in this.  My divorce of 19 years was the result of me questioning the church.  My wife refused to be a "part-family" LDS family in the ward.  

I have since then, been working on an 15 song album and some of the songs are about questioning religion.  I would be happy to send you a copy if you wanted to use any of my tunes.  You can contact me at: johnapiper@gmail.com.


I agree. It would be good to know about past projects. Anything more that you could tell us would be appreciated.

Would you be interested in stories from individual who need to remain anonymous, due to the backlash that would result if they came out publicly?

We would like to be able to speak to people openly, so if anonymity is a real concern (and this is understandable) I would say this is not the best fit. On the other hand, if it's only the timing of the release of information that's a concern, we could work with you on navigating through that.

The LDS beliefs are not  as they portray them to others.  They hide information on their beliefs and practices from others until AFTER they have joined, and it is to late!  Most people just stop showing up, but they do not know tht you have to formally "leave" just as you had to formally join!  And no one tells them.    They use crushing conformist practices.  I saw the mind games ramp up and speed increase when I went on a Mission.  

  I left due to the practices, both theological and social, of the Mormons.  My life has never been happier or more productive since I left!   My leaving took about 5 years from first inkling to actually sending in the formal letter.  

Don Strevel,  dstrevel@gmail.com 

What do they define as recently left?

"Recently" as perhaps within the last year or so. However, we're open to getting to know stories outside of this time frame as well.



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