Does any have some info that could also help enlighten us about the begginings of this Church?

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Just play a snackernackle choir recording of Praise to the Man... and all your doubts will fly away. You do not need proof when you get the warm fuzzies that let you know it is true and all is well in zion.

I was always taught that I would "feel the spirit"  when I was doing righteous things. But you know it's pretty obvious to me that feelings are not a very reliable source of truth. I have felt one way or another before and wasn't right. They are based on my experience and beliefs already in play because they come from thoughts. TBM's place so much reliability on them when trying to decide truths... reason places very little role even tho the glory of god is intelligence (supposedly)

This site has a lot of good info: LDS Origins

Mike thanx for the link again I have read much of it but the one thing that really gets me is the interview with the apostle. He just seemed to smoke the apostles thoughts and words. Whenever there was an actual opposing claim that was a valid point the apostle just seemed to go "Dogma" you know? Nothing from the church validated any of his concerns. The church had no answers there. Just pass the buck and he also tried "IMO" to make him feel like he was being led away by looking at the evidence? and then stating that there is nothing wrong with looking at it and even commending him for it at one point but LDS inc always uses the Guilt trick and covers it by making excuses. I am glad the ex mormon is smart enough and brave enough to stick to his guns and not let him get away with BS'ing him into following a dead path that is actually against any searching with your own mind. Remember <LDS inc doesn't want thinkers just followers> it's a business!  Thanx again so much the link is awesome and very unbiased as I see it..... Wes


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