Ever more social in appearance and purpose; feedback needed

As LAM becomes an ever more social site for those living life after Mormonism, I am ever aiming to design and layout the site with that in mind.  Below are some example layouts that I am exploring for LAM's appearance change for the next quarter and beyond.  Also new with this change (not shown) will be a new and revamped activity feed with instant status update appearance and inline commenting (similar to Facebook's news feed).  The new activity feed will be implemented weather I change the general appearance or not.  Please vote on which you like best and any comments you may have about it or anything else regarding the layout and appearance of LAM (click image to see full size).

A - Classic Blue

B - Classic White

C - LamBook

D - Classic Black

E - Sky-blue (added 6/17/2011)

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Another rendition that is growing on me:

Like this one, but maybe the title should be larger, and perhaps not in white to make it stronger?

I like F. On second thought, I like them all.

Helpful, huh?

E is definitely the best yet. Still could use more white space within the boxes (just 1em or 10px padding would do), but at least the different sections are lined up evenly now. Much better, Mike!
Thanks Astro!
Good idea.  Take a look and tell me what you think.

been debating that one myself (star vs sun etc).  Haven't concluded either way yet.

The sun fays come up looking like a speech bubble in comic strips or am I missing what is being called sun rays?
I think they are referring to the sun rays between the letters A and F of the word "AFTER".


We are talking about the picture with the sun and not the form, silly me. By the way I seem not to be able to type on a computer all my email etc should read sandie@ and not that other thing with a u. Where I got that I don't know. Stray resting finger or something. How do I change that in my profile. I used to work in printing and had to proof a lot. I guess I rebel and don't want to do it off the job or I really retired! The sun rise looks great. I have no way how ever that I can figure to make it large on my PC so I am guessing from the small size.

A - Classic Blue


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