Ever more social in appearance and purpose; feedback needed

As LAM becomes an ever more social site for those living life after Mormonism, I am ever aiming to design and layout the site with that in mind.  Below are some example layouts that I am exploring for LAM's appearance change for the next quarter and beyond.  Also new with this change (not shown) will be a new and revamped activity feed with instant status update appearance and inline commenting (similar to Facebook's news feed).  The new activity feed will be implemented weather I change the general appearance or not.  Please vote on which you like best and any comments you may have about it or anything else regarding the layout and appearance of LAM (click image to see full size).

A - Classic Blue

B - Classic White

C - LamBook

D - Classic Black

E - Sky-blue (added 6/17/2011)

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I like C and D the best, or some way to combine the two.  They look the cleanest and least confusing to me.
A or D, preferably D.  I like that black banner across the top, it tells you to look up there for instructions, IMO.
B or C because they're cleanest and simplest. D looks too messy looking with the different amount of white space (blue space) in between the content areas. Not aesthetically pleasing. Check out themeforest.net for some samples of high quality designs, for not too much money. Not sure if you can style this forum with those, though.
I like A or D, D a little more than A.
I like A
I'm a fan of A and D would be my second favorite.
Thanks for all of the feedback so far.  Can you please also comment on whether you prefer any (or all) of these new designs to the current appearance (the way LAM looks right now)?  Thanks!  Keep the feedback coming.

I think I prefer B.


Here are my initial reactions to each:

A - Looks like Myspace (*cringe*).

B - Elements are easily distinguishable (without the overkill).  Margins make it feel distinctive.

C - Dull, impersonal

D - Not as bad as A or C, but feels like Blogspot circa 2005.

Classic Black and thanks for your hard work.


I would actually prefer D to any of these. The layout and coloring just catches my eye more.

Here's another new look that's kind of a mix of B, C and D elements with a sky blue coloring (think Facebook).  Thoughts?

I still like D better in terms of the header



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