I have heard, but cannot find, evidence that most of the early mormons were part of or supported the democratic party. I need you smart people's help! Help to find the evidence to back up my claim so I may use this tool at my disposal!   Wade

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The democratic party was the conservative party at the time. The Whigs, and later the Republicans were the liberal ones. Ending slavery - Republican - liberal idea. Keeping slavery, same old way as ever - conservative Democratic idea.
I think even 30 plus years ago Mormon's were primarily democrats. They basically sway to the most conservative party at any given time.
Flat Lander's right, however the Republican party wasn't founded until 1857, after the Whig party dissolved. Many Mormon women supported Republicans because of suffrage. I've also heard people claim before(but don't have a source), that after receiving complaints that Mormons voted as a group, Brigham Young went to various communities and told one half of the meeting hall to vote Republican, leading to the mistaken belief that good Mormons are supposed to vote Republican.
My Grandmother's Aunt Myrtle said a church leader came into their ward, before the turn of the last century. One of the brethren came to their ward, she named him, and said, he told everyone you are an American now. And in America there are political parties. So this side of the chapel is republican, and this side is Democrat- gesturing with his arms. She said this happened in her father's ward when she was a little girl, and that is why she became a Democrat.
My understanding is that Millard Fillmore, who was Republican, was President when Utah was vying for statehood-this could be verified by a google search of course-- Many Utahns thus began voting Republican for that reason. Not coincidentally the capital of Utah territory was named for Fillmore, the county Fillmore is in is Millard county.


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