We are finally at the end of this election it's down to the wire so please get out and vote. You can report back if you want to share who you voted for.

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voted by mail.

For - Obama, Rossi ((R) Gov WA), death with dignity.

Against- Higher sales taxes (WA).

Never voted a democrat for pres before. But I'm not in a battleground state, so doesn't really matter. Plus it will probably tick off my TBM relatives. Bonus!
As if there's a choice??? Obama, of course. When I hear people that are set on voting McBush I hear Palin in the background giggling with glee!!! Frightening sound, for sure...
I think people generally underestimate how much Bush voters hate McCain. I was at a republican caucaus when McCain was close to locking up the nomination, and people were litereally saying "If it's McCain, I'm not voting"

The Bush crowd HATES McCain. This is one thing that has torpedoed his chances. The republican base is only mildly behind him, not fired up at all.

I am a proud Bush supporter, but as I said above, I voted Obama. I liked both candidates, really, for certain things, and disliked them both on others. Might as well vote for the winner.
I have really researched this year and I believe that Obama is the best choice, in my opinion. While I don't believe he is the panacea for all of our ills, I believe he has the intellect and wisdom (yes, I trust in the people with whom he's said he will surround himself) to do a good job. Plus, Palin was a ridiculous--ridiculous--choice. I won't McCain bash, but I will say that I've had my fill of 'mavericks' in the white house and I don't like where it's gotten us. And anyone who uses "dick quotes" with their fingers while referring to women's health isn't going to get my vote.
I voted for Chuck Baldwin (mainly because Ron Paul endorsed him) but had I been in a battled ground state, I would probably voted for Obama as I am tired of the republican administrations debacles and nothing against women, but I can't stand Palin. I have added an election tracker to the main page so that you can get on here and chat with other exmos while watching the precincts report in.


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