Did anyone else experience feelings of guilt when you were thinking about leaving the church? I only joined the church a little less than a year ago, and I'm terrified of how hurt everyone in my ward will be about my decision to leave. But I've come across some new information that I can't really ignore about the practices of polygamy in the early church and the authenticity of the Book of Abraham, and everyone just tells me to have more faith and disregard it. WHAT am I supposed to do? I want to have faith, but not blind faith. (Although that is one of my favorite bands...) Any suggestions, folks?

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I hope I not repeating stuff, but I was on the NOM site under the 'Boundaries' section, and found a lot of relevant information to those feelings of guilt and your personal boundaries being violated. It sure helped me to see why I get so angry with the in-laws. I knew I had issues with weak boundaries, but I didn't really know how to solve that with out going Saint Helens on everyone. I think I am just starting to have new friendship with proper boundaries, that's kind of sad -but at least I'm finally figuring it out. IMO it will also help me with the acceptance stage of moving on. I'm still working through a lot of anger and regret, and I'm trying to frame it as a learning experience for my soul. It's a loss on so many levels, so I guess it makes sense to be going through the stages of grief. But sometimes the resentment over lost opportunities really overwhelms me.
Great analogy Kohavah. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Kohavah,
You really make sense and said so succinctly what I feel. They are not out for your best interest, ever!

I am so glad that I ask to have my records removed. My life has never been happier or better!!

Don, Vegas
yes, having faith is good, but it is not achieved by belonging to any group. you should be able to ask questions and get straight answers. you cant do that in the lds church or any fundamentalist group. the people mean well but they are dilusional and are manipulating you to conform, it is the mormon way. the church cant survive if it has to face facts, ie the book of mormon is a fraud, a fact which can easily be proven. I have become a methodist but owe no slavish devotion to any denomination. I suggest you visit the lighthouse ministry on the web.
Run to the exit as fast as you can.


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