UFO's are real.


With the upcoming special push on the Book of Mormon maybe current lds leadership will finally tell where the great populations lived and died? Other than the Hill Cumorah(and there is dispute on that in spite of Joseph's claims) there are no known locations of these people.

Maybe Thomas Monson will make public a revelation he has had that shows us the translation of the Egyptian grammar Joseph Smith wrote and the real meaning contained in the Book of Abraham parchament? This will make clear the problems many are having when every egyptologist the world over can't figure out what was so clear and plain to the 'simple farm boy' Joseph.

Will be exciting times when Monson does this and reveals his personal seerstone and stetson he uses to get this great inspired message so plainly. Naturally, this will only be done after the church buys stock in the company that makes stetson hats and buys the quarry where Monson got his personal seer stone.

A whole new revenue stream selling hats and magic rock replicas, the hats to be worn to meetings and the stones to be carried with your quad. Probably make enough money to build a mormon mall in Orange County, CA.

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What is the "upcoming special push on the Book of Mormon"?  Something happening in the church, TV program or what?

Hmm, sounds excellent!  The more they emphasize that the emperor has new clothes, hopefully the more some of the brighter TBMs start to see through the facade and recognize the nakedness of Mormonism.  It may at least help some to accidentally study their way out of the church.

Emphasizing the emperor's new clothes may indeed do some good.

Maybe, but I hope you'll forgive me if I don't hold my breath. 

Thanks for the smile this morning Joe.

Notice they don't ever have major pushes to emphasize the D&C, which is supposedly the most recent and relevant canonical scripture we have? Could this be because it's full of Old Testament style vengeance and other weirdness that doesn't sit well with people?

The reason book of Mormon stuff is emphasized rather than Doctrie and covenants is because 'faith' is required for the book of mormon. No historical record even though it is a record of the history of millions of people. No locations for these millions. No nothin'!


D&C has verifiable locations for the most part. Written history of those who were there. Tough to lie your way out of things when verifiable records exist. Much easier when you have a nebulous fairy tale subject to vague declarations that can change with the wind and the only 'proof' is heartburn or warm fuzzies.


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