I have a question about the issue of death. When someone dies, at funerals and memorials it is said that the person goes to his/her rewards or to be with Jesus or some other person the departed loved. Then on the other hand, death is seen as bad, execution is punishment, it is fought against with everything possible. Is it viewed, by the religious, as reward or punishnment and why?

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This is a wonderful topic! Thank you! The finality of death, the hope of birth, and the transition of marriage make these events so pivotal in our lives. Like birth, death’s companion is pain. In the case of birth, however, the innocent infant and the heroic mother suffer pain. Death is not celebrated in the same way because it’s the end, and the candidate is not necessarily considered innocent, unless it’s an untimely tragedy. We in the west simply don’t have the same outlook or feelings about death as we do for birth. I think that it’s ol’ time Christianity in our culture that paints death a certain color, and death’s consideration is bound up with the extent of how innocent someone is.

All of this has nothing to do with death itself, just the way society views it. Everyone, and everything, is born, and eventually dies. It really doesn’t matter what one thinks or believes about these things because there is nothing any of us can do about life and death. But even though it doesn’t matter what we think, how we believe affects the way we live our lives. I think that our misguided thinking about life, and death, can make our existence here miserable. It doesn’t need to be that way.

We should celebrate death, and never, ever use it as a punishment. Doing so contributes to making life a living hell, and who needs any more of that than we already impose on ourselves? These are just my personal thoughts (not that it makes any difference to what will happen in the end...)
How about we mix this up a little bit?

"The good die young", "God/Jesus; needed him/her", "His/her job on this earth was finished", "He/she was taken to their rewards."

Then there is: "The lout deserved to die!", "Execution is too good for him/her", "Hang him!", "The accident was a good thing", "He/she got what they deserved!" and the wages of killing in war.

Does this help the discussion along?
This one's way over my head right now... I thought I was getting my reward but found only punishment through conversion. And I'm stuck there. I used to believe that when we leave this rock that we could take our body with us; rather from a new age perspective. Jesus translated, and we're supposed to be able to do as he did... Yo! brother.
But I've lost any and all sense of proper discipline since becoming a member of TSCC
I believe in available rewards from true forms of exercised discipline; but I lost the motivation to pursue them long ago.
Perhaps one day my heart will again be free...


I'm troubled by your response. Perhaps your belief system is stuck somewhere between believing and not quite buying the whole thing. (And I don't know what TSCC is.)

My belief system feels pretty solid. I love life and living. I'm a Stage IV cancer patient and my time may be pretty short. I don't want to die but understand that none will get out of this life alive. Religion is the life line that allows others to believe that life does go on forever, fulfilling everyone's wishes. The family will be together again (that's going to be an awfully large family unit going back how many generations? How will you ever find who you're looking for?), those who've lost limbs will be restored, (what about those blown to bits in military bombs?), will they remain the same age as when they die and if not, who will recognize them and who gets to pick the age? On top of that is the 3 levels after death? How does that contribute to finding your family member or loved one?

My belief is that we are human beings, living at this time, on this planet, and our main purpose is to be the best that we can be to our fellow humans and for ourselves.

Animals, aside from the silly claptrap that is fed to us, do NOT go around thinking that they have to mate to carry on their genes. They're reacting to hormones that do certain things to their bodies. That's it and that's all. There are many creatures on this earth that have sex lives that make the skin crawl, like the Praying Mantis and Black Widow that make every attempt to devour their mates; an ant that's been found that only has females and if a male were to be found, it's sex organs would probably be useless. Then there are the more common things; lion males, that if they get hungry enough, won't hesitate to kill and eat their own cubs; groups of creatures that live around the deep ocean vents where the water temperature is boiling; bacteria that live so deep in the earth that their diet is nothing we'd recognize and it lives without any sunlight, at all.

Did god create these too? And if he did, what model was he following? Animals have been around longer than we have and I would think that if there is a god and a hereafter, they would have come up with it first.

As far as your loss of proper discipline, I'm not sure what you are refering to. Also, which conversion? Towards a certain religion or away from it? Available rewards? What did you assume them to be? Life is not fair or I would be one of the ones that lives, healthy, into my 90's, I'm sure. I would also be financially secure instead of scraping to live since I've pretty well lived to please my husbands and put my life aside for them, according to what the "good book" teaches (not all at once, of course, LOL!). Justice is for man, likewise just rewards. Everything we deal with is dependant upon the human factor. That is my belief and like I said, I'm comfortable with it.

If I could change the world, I'm not too sure that I would change how I see things. Maybe I'd make it so criminals would just turn themselves in or better yet, they would not commit a crime in the first place, but then we'd be coming close to making everyone too much alike and that would be awful. Who's ideal would be the pattern for this imaginary world? I'm sure not everyone would agree. So, I'll continue to live this life I have for as long as I can and be happy that it was an interesting journey.

Please join me out of sadness and begin to enjoy what there is of real life.
Thanks for sharing ~ I was fed a pile of dog doo for ten years after converting in to the church ~ having survived such a huge spiritual betrayal I have no desire to consider, or judge, another persons religious beliefs or opinions about their survival.

"For those who have fought for it
Freedom has a flavor
The protected will never know."

TSCC ~ This So Called Church

That is a wonderful quote. Where is it from or is it yours? You are right, "the protected will never know." Which is exactly why the church only wants its members to read, hear, see and believe what it tells them.
"For those who have fought for it
Freedom has a flavor
The Protected will never know."

~ The Military Order of the Purple Heart ~
for those wounded in action.


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