I know 'he's' not real... so humor me as I write this letter to our brother...
My brother of the light. I know everyone says you were the serpent in the garden, even though it's not clear... I just want to say Thank YOU. I can see that you saw a flaw in God's plan and only wanted the best for Eve. You guided her to truth, and for that I am thankful. 
I know that you are hardly mentioned in the Old Testament- That the destruction and pain of people, was the wrath of your Father and not of you. 
I know that it is said you want us to suffer and hurt that you will do your best to get your brothers and sisters on YOUR side, even befriending us and then will turn your backs on us. 
But I know this is not true... Because the church I was in; they brainwashed me, took my money, turned my family and friends against me, scorned me, shunned me, all after they took me in and befriended me.
Last but not least...
They say you are responsible for my" falling away" from the church.... If this is so, Thank YOU! Thank you for helping me see the light, the truth, the way. Thank you for participating in my growth, desire and passion for learning. 

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..... Lucifer is the Roman god that heralds the light of Venus, which brings the light of the sun. Hence, the translation of "Light Bearer". He is not some "evil being" nor is he the christian "devil".

From the mind of a non Mormon.. never bought into what my Aunts were selling.. But looked in to all the crazy thing they teach... You would have to brain wash people to get them to buy into the teaching... underwear that protects you... 2012 here .. no one in there right mind would by into it... go into a high school and tell them this and they would laugh you out of the school... but the catch.. Good Mormons wouldn't talk about it.. it is hidden.. so they don't get the rest of the world telling them to think about it.. it is a bit out there... many grown people think it is a joke and not real... what a great con ... to never know you have been con-ed... 

Every thing I have learned about what is believed by Mormons sounds so far out there... I have a hard time believing it is true... Again a great con.... Gods and Goddesses .. holy under's ... and so on ... sounds like a bad sic-fi movie ... 

I believe there is a God and a fallen angel that took the roll of this so called devil ... but I read more than a bible I have read the codex and so many of the books ... left out of the bible because man didn't like them... I get why ... I learned that God is every were and you don't need a church.. kills the money thing there... and religion that pits Gods children against each other .. is a sin .... so the church is so .. ya... The devil has class look at what he built... The most beautiful church's I have seen... and the greatest gift to man .. free will .. they have free willed there self right into stupid... 

The big con.. what does an all powerful God need with a church or money.. man need to fill his greed with these things...JESUS had no church no money and no one but God on his side... But the Profit has lots of money lots of churches and claims to be like..WHO? And in my world out here .. if you go around hearing God voice telling you crazy stuff.. it is not God.. and they have doctors for that....

I have an on going joke....I am planing a get together in the after life... see my (blood family) Mormon family, Catholic family, Baptist family, Lutheran family, American Indian family, Wicca family and Jewish family.... And all my friends who believe in nothing and all the rest that believe in all different ways... Are welcome to join my tea party.. I will find a way to come up with the tea, lemon-aid and coffee + cups.. You all bring the crumpets, biscuits, muffins and cookies ect... And what ever bible or holey book you uses, if used... book not required. And we will have the best serves, hell has ever seen. See in my blood family I can't win so... I am non-denominational... After that list of faiths... bet you can see why... And why I love the PRAY WARRIORS. Dealing with the list of faiths I have learned NEGOTIATING skills and Deal with the Devil on so many levels... Also has helped me learn to be open minded and find joy every were... Witch leads to KINDNESS... There is mighty power in words ..spoken and read... When many speak the world can't help but hear and learn.. This bring about change... Lets try for the hopeful good kind of change.. Love you all ..Trisha  

In some ways (not to many) I feel sorry for the embarrassment that the LDS Church must feel when they realize how they look to the rest of the world.  Imagine the whole world knowing about your magic underwear and your unbelievably off the damned wall beliefs.  Even more, I feel sorry for the  members that are hanging on to  a shrinking Church, an increasing number of people leaving, and leaders that seem to believe every word that proceeds from their mouth is from God !!  OMG the ego  and self importance..  

The Mormon Church is the MLM version of an inferior product that you can buy off the shelf in any store for a lot less.  They suck so horribly bad.  Even funnier, the y know it as well and still push the old soap and cleaners they always have trying so desperately to get every member to go sign up others who will then go get others...and soon, well, you get the point.

Ever seen a person on the dance floor m making a fool of themself and they actually think they are great?  This is the LDS Church.


Yes Don, but the LDS Church doesn't chop people's heads off for leaving the faith though. :)


  I have never seen any example where anyone had their head chopped off or burned at at the stake center for leaving the faith.  I know what you are attempting to reference, but the information needs to be accurate. :)  


Burned at the stake center?  So that is how the Mormon church decided to use the word stake.  

Now you know that is not true.  The Mormon use of the word Stake is derived from the use of the thing that you have to hammer thru their hearts while they sleep in their coffins in the daylight.  It is far better to open their caskets in the sunlight and watch them shrivel into a raisin.  The only thing left afterwards is their vampire teeth and their long knuckels all rough from draggin' on the ground.  I have prayed about this and I know it to be true.  The spirit bore witness of it to me.

I say this in the name of Count Chocula. Amen.  Pay Lay Ail....

Don, ........If Joseph was such a Prophet how come he translated the BOM out of a stove pipe hat and got the Book of Abraham all damned wrong.  Yea, my ass is a Prophet just as much.

Haha, I like it! I wrote something of a similar letter to God the other day. It's less humorous but runs on the same idea.


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