I know 'he's' not real... so humor me as I write this letter to our brother...
My brother of the light. I know everyone says you were the serpent in the garden, even though it's not clear... I just want to say Thank YOU. I can see that you saw a flaw in God's plan and only wanted the best for Eve. You guided her to truth, and for that I am thankful. 
I know that you are hardly mentioned in the Old Testament- That the destruction and pain of people, was the wrath of your Father and not of you. 
I know that it is said you want us to suffer and hurt that you will do your best to get your brothers and sisters on YOUR side, even befriending us and then will turn your backs on us. 
But I know this is not true... Because the church I was in; they brainwashed me, took my money, turned my family and friends against me, scorned me, shunned me, all after they took me in and befriended me.
Last but not least...
They say you are responsible for my" falling away" from the church.... If this is so, Thank YOU! Thank you for helping me see the light, the truth, the way. Thank you for participating in my growth, desire and passion for learning. 

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Good post EW.  Thank him for me also.

When you're allowed to think critically about the Garden of Eden story, you find that there is much that doesn't make sense or that would even be attributable to a loving God.  What kind of God creates two innocent beings and makes it illegal to gain knowledge from the only source provided in this story, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  You'd think God would have been a proponent of gaining such knowledge and enlightenment.  Did he enjoy their ignorance and nakedness?  Why else would you keep your children in the dark other than to take advantage of them, similar to how fundamentalists and cults mostly only home school their kids so that they are ignorant as to the real world and/or abuse they are being exposed to? 

There exist some theories about the Adam and Eve story representing a hybrid race of humans that were bred for the purpose of being obedient to their masters while serving in various capacities from agriculture to mining (think Star Gate).  I can see why knowledge would be a dangerous thing for slaves to obtain in that scenario, similarly to how slaves were/are usually kept illiterate so that they cannot gain knowledge through reading.  Other theories exist suggesting that in the Adam and Even story, God is actually the real devil and Satan is the being of light trying to free the ignorant slaves through knowledge and enlightenment, thus the Devil transforming itself into a wolf in sheep's clothing as the supposed God of mankind.

Amazing how easily we just accepted the Garden of Eden story in the temple without allowing ourselves to question alternative interpretations that would deconstruct the supposed spiritual-ness of it.  Kind of makes sense why you're made to covenant not to talk about the temple outside of the temple, and no real place to even discuss the temple while in the temple.  Hard to discover the silliness of it all when you can't even share your experience.

Wow so creative.  I think I am gonna write a letter to Satan as well.

There is an historian named Jeffrey Russell Burton who wrote a 5-volume history of the devil. He began writing it when, as a researcher of medieval sources, he found he couldn't understand the medieval attitude regarding Satan/ the Devil/ Lucifer, so he went off to explore the period sources so he could understand. 

I'm reading the first book (The Devil) now, and boy, is it enlightening. It studies the devil as a concept -- that is, as an idea that evolved throughout history when multiple cultures projected evil outside of themselves and personified that evil in one person/character.

When you see how the character has evolved through thousands of years up until the present day, it really puts the brainwashing in perspective. It all seems to be mythology that someone decided was absolute truth.



Since stopping church attendance some years ago it is amazing how little I think about "Satan." He was on my mind - a major focus of fear and dread - while supposedly "fighting him constantly" with my spiritual warfare. Why would a loving creator want us to focus on the enemy so much? And sometimes I wonder - If God was allowing, even in Job's case "sending" Satan to test mankind - doesn't it seem as if the Devil is just another one of God's employees? Why would a loving creator send a menace to torment his children? I mean, as parents we all do that, right? - hire a guy to tempt and torture our kids when we're not around - or sometimes he tests and torments them right in front of us - but they know they can turn to us for comfort when he takes breaks. IF that were true we would be hideously cruel parents. How could our kids ever trust us? So why would people trust a Creator that would use this evil character against us all the time. If God is in control - seems to me that Satan's workin' for God.

It seems to be just another poorly thought-out myth. Why do people keep creating a "Monster Meanie God" to worship? Did God create us - or did we create him?  It's really scary when you think that it is a church-wide goal to "be like God." Oh, great!

Thanks for responding to me, E.W. Validation is nice.



I always feared if I stopped wearing garments I would be killed or worse.  So far so good.  I'm still alive and have very little laundry.

There are many beautiful and interesting elements of many different religions. Why doesn't someone pick the nicest elements of each one and start a new one? hee hee



satan and hell, is that anything like the Garden of Eden and Johnson County MO / Garden of Eden revelation?   The garden of Eden in Missouri!  Man, they really need to keep that one quiet right along with the Brigham Young Statement on the men that live on the moon .  Arrogant dumbass even described them.  Ad who believes that these men speak with the authority og God!?  They just can't get it right!

  They are the President of a Corporation.  Nothing more.  



I agree with you.  In ALL theological disciplines there are some weird people.  My issues are not with  a few whacos that see the virgin Mary in  a can of ..., pinto beans.  That is a group of over zealous individuals.  I am speaking of the wierd so freakin out of left field that it does not even make sense...actual doctrinal issues.  Baptism for the Dead!, So damned many Gods that they are inumerable!, the Garden of freakin Eden in Missouri!...and they call this a Restoration.  Nowhere in history do I see this stuff as ~original that needed to be restored...  JS was on crack and made this shit up.  The original Church never had that junk in it to have it restored to us.

One is over zealous goofy people seeing things that do not exist in that  bag of rice, and the one the Mormons slap themself with are the beliefs that they have that are so damned weird that they hide them from  people.  No one tells this to newly baptised members, now do they?  And we know why :)


We do have some over the edge in my faith, not a question.  Next thing you know you will tell me that there is a guy in the COB that talks to God! hahahaha :)


Don  Man can be a God.  What a freakin inflated ego.  

hahaha good stuff...when I talk to friends about judgement day and the god/satan dichotomy and such, I always tell them that if the mormon god is right, then I WANT to go to hell and hang out with Satan.


  How dare you!  How dare you use logic and common sense  and even that darned old pragmatism in such a subject as this one.  You know that we are laden with superstition and chicken bones thrown on the floor, albeit of a more modern design. :)


I always enjoy your posts. :)  I hope youknow I am joking in the above p.   ...damnit! :)


Don in Las Vegas   


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