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Dear God,

I don't know if you are watching or not. But a lot has happened down here since you let your son be tortured to death.
We can print new hearts and grow new organs.
We can clone ourselves.
We can make 3 parent babies.
We are successfully integrating computers with our nervous system right now.
Is it OK if we merge with computers? Will logic subroutines that prevent mental irrational houses of cards frustrate your plan?
We can synthesize genes from scratch
We can mix and match organic genes with synthetic and even across species.
We have replicated genes from extinct animals like Tasmanian Devils, Wooly Mammoths, saber toothed tigers, and old dead pharoahs.
We may resurrect them. You OK with that?
We will fix things so we don't die for hundreds of years.
We may fix things so we have indefinitely long lifetimes.
Will this fit into your plan, or did you want any input on this? Don't say we didn't invite you to the meeting where we discussed all this.

We found the genetic instructions for our vestigial tail, among things. Funny you left that in our design. Are you carrying the vestigial genetic instructions for a tail too? Why?
We are piecing together genes from different sources to give us medicines.
We are assembling microbes from scratch to digest our garbage and produce fuel for our cars.
We are identifying all kinds of genetic mistakes and diseases you made in our design. Is it OK to fix them? Are we still human if we do? Is it OK if we use animal genes to fix your mistakes? How many animal genes can we fuse with and still be your kids?

We can make sperm and eggs from skin cells. Is it OK if lesbians make a daughter together? Will this daughter have a soul?
Genetic single parenting is now possible. We can genetically mate with ourselves.
I know you spent a few days creating all the plants and animals. Is it OK if we knock down all your Lego's and build better, sturdier and cooler looking plants and animals? We'd like to rebuild dinosaurs if you don't mind. Do you? I'd like to gentically program a giant floating hydrogen filled plant or animal. Maybe both.
Maybe it will be both plant and animal... a planimal?
Is it OK if we genetically reengineer everything on the planet, including ourselves? Is it OK if our creations displace the ones you made?
I hope you don't mind some constructive criticism, but you left some sloppy genetic code down here.
Did you have a party weekend before you wrote the code? Are we a "Monday car"? Or maybe you learned programming at BYU?

"As Man now programs, God once did. What God once programmed, Man will recode". Or is that more of a couplet?

We are finding all kinds of extinct plants and animals. Is there something special about the current set of plant and animal genomes, or can these be modified out of existence like previous ones?

Is it OK if we separate the anus from the fun stuff?
Is it OK if gene sequencers can be bought on EBAY for less than $10,000?
We could solve the energy crisis or kill the world with a gene sequencer.
Is it OK if your fanatical ISLAMIC followers get ahold of one?
How do we contain this?
Should we contain this?
If we do contain this, will only the bad guys and drug kings have illegal gene sequencers?
Will only the rich have access to genetic and technological upgrades?
Will genoism be the new racism?
How does a mere human compete with a dna and computer enhanced person?
There is SO much potential for good and bad here.
Should everyone have the right to genetic or technological upgrades?
How would we pay for it?
Should our genetic creations be able to reproduce?
Should we have uniform standards that EVERYONE'S DNA is moving to or will that make us vulnerable to a uniform attack?
Should there be different genetic versions of sensient "humans", like we have different operating systems? That way when a virus takes out all the PC's, the MACS can fix them?
We are playing god down here like never before.
No prophet has given any direction on this.

If ever there was a time when we needed to hear from you...

We asked Tommy Monson and all he said was pay, pray and obey and all these questions will be resolved in the next life.
But my next door neighbor is using open source technology to mix genes in his garage right NOW. Is this dangerous? Should I move? Would it help?
My wife is sick. I need to know if I should have her genes sequenced and fixed, or if your son's imminent return will forgo the need.

We are so glad you made the LSD church so big and powerful and respected, that WHEN your prophet finally bothers to speak on the matter, the world will obey on his beck and call. Or will Tommy give us a dazzling magic show to convince the world if/when you finally decide to say something about this through him?

We stand at the greatest crossroads man has ever seen, facing questions that were inconceivable just a few years ago. Is this what prophets are for?

One way or another, we are about to RADICALLY change things down here. We don't forget technology. We are messing in YOUR sandbox playing with YOUR toys. We are going to make a heaven or a hell down here.

We are going to continue discussing this in our meetings with other mortals. We know you are hiding under the table or something. If you decide to say something, feel free to speak up. We won't bite.

N' K?

It's now or never, God.


Your Kids

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So many questions, so few answers.
Uhydzeh... uhhh... Well,... there's.... uhhhh....

Let me get back to you thee. To thee.

I laughed all the way through this and wished I had the nerve to send it to all my religious friends. However, if they had the brains to undertand this in the proper light, they wouldn't be religious in the first place, would they?


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