As previously requested, I submitted a design to a label pin manufacturer for both D2D designs.  Below are the options for both designs.  The minimum order is 100 pins.  I'd be willing to invest into there is sufficient interest from the community.  I'd probably sell them for $5.00 each plus shipping, or from a table at the exmo conference.  I can only start with one design (A or B) so please vote on which style you like most and also only one style (D2D or Free Yourself).  Pins are 1" in width.


Free Yourself - Dare 2 Doubt


1.2mm thick with silver metal plating

- 8mm post and butterfly or rubber clutch attachment 


- 1.2mm thick with antique silver metal plating

- 8mm post and butterfly or rubber clutch attachment 


Dare 2 Doubt


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The Free Yourself pin?

I'll buy one at the ExMo conference! I vote for "Free Yourself" v.B

I like B and would be interested in one.

 I like the antique silver (style B) D2D without a slogan the best.  But, all of them look good and I would buy whatever pin is offered if they come to fruition.

I like both. I'll commit to buying 1 each.

I like b. These are well done.

Excellent! Item 'B' on both counts for me. Can't get a hundred, but I'd certainly buy a couple as and when they're available...

Good design.  I like B.  If they are offered at the convention, I would purchase one.  ThanX!

I like the Free Yourself style B. I would buy a couple for sure.


I like "FREE YOURSELF" B... and I would by a couple...

Free Yourself.  style 'B'


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