With so many doubting and disenchanted members posting here, dare I ask? Does any priesthood holder here own a current and valid recommend that you would be willing to lend for a couple of weeks in the very near future for an educational project? Confidentiality would be assured, and the recommend would be returned intact. Contact me privately: packham@teleport.com with your phone number.

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set mine on fire just a few days ago.

Wow - now I'm curious.....!

If you get this opportunity, will you return and report?

Sounds juicy Richard.  But sadly no, the cost of maintaining one for me is way too high.

I smell a covert operation. Does somebody own a tiny camera/recording device they intend to wear on their glasses? I think it's about time for a pirated video of the endowment ceremony.

My wife has never been to the temple, but is still a member (on paper) of the church. She is debating leaving altogether, or waiting for a while, to see if perhaps she wants to be active long enough to get a recommend, just to gain some personal experience about what this whole temple thing is all about. I warned her that they would want to give her a calling, plus make her a visiting teacher for the few months, or so, that she would be active. Plus her bishop would be expecting to see some tithing coming in. I told her it wouldn't be difficult to avoid paying tithing, by simply telling the bishop she is going to school full time (she is currently enrolled in college). She's still trying to figure out if it would be worth it or not. Even if she has to be active for only 6 to 8 months first.

several years ago I got a fake temple recommend from an internet site, just for fun. maybe you should google it and see if its still there



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